September 16, 2021

13 thoughts on “Repatriation Reflections

  1. Dr kambon how long have the berbers been in north africa i remember reading about the pharoah merneptah defeating the libu or libyans aka the meshwesh who invaded the nile delta along with the sea people

  2. Dr kambon you may not know it but your influence is powerful from ghana to the americas ive watched other yutubers mention your name youre becoming a mighty force in pan afrikanism i first become aware of you in a lecture from dr marimba ani when you did libations

  3. This brother makes too much sense.. The whole of AFRICA needs a revolution.. We have been taught to become copies of White people in black skin.. its a shame..

  4. Dr. Kambon please teach these fools on the countless organizations that fight or fought for reparations (even though I know this is about repatriation)and still are fighting?

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