September 21, 2023
REPATRIATION | SAA scandal (Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, and South Africa in 4 days)

After 3 months in , and no luck with any news on when I could be getting home, finally I was repatriated… but my goodness was it stressful.

overbooked the flight, which means they messed up, badly! After a complete sh*t show, KLM ended u taking over and flying (pardon the pun) in to save the day…
This was definitely one for the story books… 4 different countries in 4 days…

from stalled after plane’s door malfunctions:

‘disorganisation’ caused many South Africans stranded in Europe to miss a replacement KLM flight:

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6 thoughts on “REPATRIATION | SAA scandal (Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, and South Africa in 4 days)

  1. The exact same thing happened to me. Oslo to Frankfurt to Moscow to SA all in 4 days. Every possible aspect of the repatriation process was a bungled mess by SAA. They canceled the flight the day we were supposed to fly from Frankfurt. Then the next day they kicked people off the flight and had repatriates crying and screaming and begging to be let onto the new flight. Certain people in families with young children had even been booked onto flights while the rest of the family hadn’t. It would be an abomination to the aviation industry if they were allowed to continue operating.

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