September 22, 2023
Repatriation - The African diaspora Conversation Part 1

10 thoughts on “Repatriation – The African diaspora Conversation Part 1

  1. OMG I LOVE THIS WOMAN, she can come back talking about anything and I will still watch till the end . Funny enough I am in the diaspora too and this conversation just enlightened me. Thanks for always sharing .

  2. Caroline, glad you're using your platform to bring this into awareness. We seem to have left the village, but we hold on to the village mindset. I agree with you that we have to have this tough discussion, apply the knowledge we have and hold ourselves accountable.

  3. People should make testaments. I have said, I want to be cremated. If my family wants my body they can get part of the ashes . Our culture needs to evolve.

  4. my girlfriends and i have been discussing this as we have been part of many many go fund mes. I don’t know what it is but we don’t like this discussion and it is sad . I made it a mission to understand 401ks, IRAs, life insurance etc . I was on medical leave for One year after surgery and Thank God i was prepared . We don’t like to go there and we don’t even want to hear “ Do you have a Will ?”

    On the other hand there is a thing called black tax …a lot of the times people prefer to send that extra $50 back home instead of paying into life insurance , because so and so needs school fees , medical bills , food etc . The phone calls and messages asking for money never stop. It took me many years to start saying no with zero explanation .

    The issue of who needs closure is another one. I think I should be able to choose where and how i want to be buried .

  5. While I do like this conversation, the issue is that one’s you leave the country to live or settle abroad make sure you know the laws of the country you live in. Secondly ask ourselves, must I be repatriated to be buried in Kenya or is it okay to be buried wherever I live. Example. You have a family abroad and the extended family is in Kenya, where should I be buried?. On the issue of cost,it depends on the country you live in, here in Sweden it costs 400-500 thousands to bring a body home. In Germany it’s a bit higher but reasonable, not more than 600k.

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