September 22, 2023
Repatriation: Tips for Americans opening a UBA account

In the past it’s been difficult to move money back and forth on the motherland. So now that Priestess Haneera is moving to Benin W. Africa it’s best that she open an account first. United Bank for Africa is a black owned Nigeria based bank and they have one branch in America. So she traveled to New York to open an account


4 thoughts on “Repatriation: Tips for Americans opening a UBA account

  1. I have a question ?
    Am planning to open an account with them also because they have a branch in my country sierra leone freetown but am wondering if I do open it would I be able to use the debit card even when I travel out of the state to freeetown because there's a UBA branch there too ?

  2. Repatriation… to return one to their own country. You present to be African American. You speak English very well and no sound of an African accent, yet you're repatriated. Bytch please.

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