September 18, 2021

5 thoughts on “Repatriation To Africa Must Include Military (Part 1.)

  1. It would be suicidal for ADOS-African Americans to migrate to Africa in large numbers while without a military while African nations, China, United States, Russia, France, etc. all have militaries in Africa. We would be sitting ducks!

  2. We left as a Nation 12.5+ million (more than less) plus the ones who died in the oceans and in Africa (2 million more than less) plus the other numbers that they have fudged so as a Nation should we return also with our true Historical Name to be able to stand amongst the Nations.

  3. That brother is the next Patrice Lumumba. May the creator protect him from the wicked western leaders who are monitoring his every move!! Little by little our people are waking up around the planet. Unity may not be too far unless the small hats start another ww3…

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