October 19, 2021

30 thoughts on “Repatriation to Ghana Week 3 pt1 -Samori Speaks

  1. About the language.there are more than 50+ language in ghana but twi(the other language he was using in the video) is the most popular but it is not everybody who can speak twi.English is an already developed language in education and other sectors which is why we use english.

  2. Food water safe clean affordable shelter energy access to education medical services which are are affordable for all..is the focus… language is not a barrier it is a tool..matters not which screwdriver brand you use to turn the screw..but that you use the one that matches the screwhead to be turned…

  3. ira yah israel shalawam alakim akhee! I too have questions about this and would love to visit. there will be an Abra unity conference this year in assin fosu but I missing but '18 it should be another. I'm looking to link up Abra yisraylites in Ghana or wanting to go so that we may kol yahsharyl averim zeh bah zeh. if you go before me or wanna link up to try and make the conference in '18 which is held in a community setting keep in touch and let me know of any info you obtain. may Yah Baruch. Shalawam shalawam

  4. I understand your language concerns, however, I would not get too bogged down with trying to get away from speaking English because most of the developed World speaks English as a second language.  Don't be too quick to throw English away.

  5. U guys are are going waay to far. Swahili? english has become part of us. it's been part of us for a long time . if we are tget rid of English then we sould also get rid of modern medicine and stick totally with african herbal medicine. english is here to stay. Speaking English is no less Ghanaian than banku and okro stew

  6. Excellent idea!!!! it is about time people are talking and thinking outside the box. Make one official African language so every African can communicate and exchange ideas. Stop depending on foreign influence and start producing at home. Thank you!!! excellent video.

  7. I've said for a long time that Swahili should be the official language for the continent. I'm American and I lived in Namibia for two years and I learned a little of a Bantu language called Oshiwambo. I really think that Africans both in and out of the continent should be able to communicate without using a European language, specifically English.

  8. Our African American brothers coming back to us is great advantage to us.. look at the skills these brothers are equipped with… Our massive industrialization can begin……

  9. I'm almost half Cameroonian and almost a quarter Ghanaian and watching this makes me want to go to the land of my ancestors so bad! I'd love to end up in Accra, Yaounde or Douala. I also have other West African countries represented in my DNA but those places interest me so far.

  10. As a visitor I don't have any attachments in Ghana. I don't know cost of housing food cost of living. what is a ideal amount of CEDI's I should save up before I visit if I plan to stay a year?

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