September 25, 2021

14 thoughts on “Repatriation to Tanzania Day 1 Arrival

  1. It certainly looks third world but I've seen the latest videos of Tanzania and their big projects including there massive rail, port, and dam project. Tanzania is growing and becoming modernize

  2. I am a new subscriber I’m so moved by your journey I watched a few of your videos I just subscribed now I’m starting at the beginning of your journey and I will see all your videos through I have been looking into Africa and I’ve been following this world traveler from Kenya who’s been traveling all around and when he was in Tanzania he was absolutely beautiful so you are very inspiring I’m from Brooklyn New York but I live in North Carolina definitely look into at least if nothing else travel over there and see what it’s like so hopefully I can link with you eventually when I get to that point so I can learn more from you

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