December 3, 2021

21 thoughts on “Repatriation To Tanzania, Day 4 Part 2

  1. Hey Renae. I enjoyed your videos. Racism I has been around in the USA way before we even were thought of. It shouldn't be a surprise. Overtime, our people have fought for change from slavery, throughout post slavery, and even now. I know it is an exhausting fight and seem like it's going nowhere but don't give up. Even after we are long gone, it will be racism in the USA. We can chance the system, but we can't changed those who believe in that system or believe that are superior over others. Those people were raised that way, their parents was raised that way, they will raised their kids like that. I believe in fighting to change the system but those racists in the USA, we will never changed them and there's no since of trying, they are stuck in their own ways and beliefs. What you are doing is great, starting a business there overseas but never forget where you come from. You and forever will be a Jamaican American.

  2. Great message Renae. I can totally relate about all the micro aggressions we experience as Black people living in America. We have been bamboozled that America is the best country on the planet yet they treat their minority populations like they are prisoners of war. Our ancestors built this nation but it wasn’t meant fir us from day one up until today. There are alternatives and people like you who have repatriated and sharing your journey provide useful information for those of us on our repat journey. Karibu Tanzania. Ive watched all your videos and I’m di proud of what you’ve accomplished I’m such a short time and fact wait to see how your life develops. I wish you success on this journey. Karibu Tanzania. You have a new follower and I can’t wait to meet you in person.

  3. Blessings to you sister, I totally agree with your sentiments. The UK is exactly the same but worse, the racism is more institutionalised and ingrained. The US takes its cue from their 'motherland' and all black people should take heed to what you saying and doing.

  4. I was born here in Tanzania and am living here in Tanzania I have never experiencing a brutality or any kind of threat from the government and police we live in a peace place and we thank God for this and we appreciate our government

  5. It's a BEAUTIFUL thing to see and hear us Afrikans from America are coming to Tanzania. We definitely should create an Afrikans from America coalition to discuss our presence and interest for being in Tanzania and AFRIKA.

  6. Xodus pole sana and welcome home. you ve made me feel crying. what we see in the media about the brutality done to our African brothers and sister in America. Welcome home Tanzania. You will enjoy being home. Karibu sana. We are here for you. Pople in Tanzania and Africa are very kind from their heart. There is humanity in the African hearts

  7. now you can breathe in your mamaAfrica,,alots of people there forced there self to be Americans but there not Americans,we need to find our self who really we're?and the answer is we're Africans we can't feet in America,we must get out of babylon one by one going back to our origina in motherland yes in Africa we can breathe

  8. Yes you are warmly welcomed here, we are looking forward to seeing you joyful and contented with life. Tanzania is a peaceful country, you will enjoy. Feel at home in your ancestral land. I wish you success and happiness as well as peace of mind. Am Tanzanian and I love my country.

  9. Hey sis, I like your delivery. I am Tanzanian living in Mwanza region. Maybe you should team up with "traveling sista", a sis based in Arusha region. She is a black American youtuber married to Tanzanian and posting vids about such topics as yours. She has quite a decent following. It might help growing your channel that way. Just a piece of advice!

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