September 22, 2023
Repatriation to the Motherland VS Migration to North America: Pros and Cons

Why is it that black americans are being called to return to the motherland while africans and afro caribbeans are looking to migrate to America? Lets discuss the positives, negatives and reasons of both scenarios. #returntoafrica #yearofreturn #migration


14 thoughts on “Repatriation to the Motherland VS Migration to North America: Pros and Cons

  1. The brother At the 14:00 spoke well but why the mentality of “getting a job” after a Degree 📜 Instead of creating jobs… Entrepreneurship, Business etc! Why depend on “someone else to employ you?!!! We have to adopt more of an ENTREPRENEURIAL MENTALITY

  2. Am a jamaican citizen of America not just today but my dreams was to live in Africa for years I always wanted to go to panafest with motabaruk when I I Use to live in JAMAICA nowIas a jamaican listen to Bob Marley and read up.on marcus GARVEY yow I love Africa love the whole 54 COUNTRIES in AFRICA I did choose Ghana or KENYA. but now am going to buy land in GAMBIA we are planning on going their this year

  3. I love this bring more videos topic like this, I am African born and breed & we are always wanting to move abroad cause of better lives but we always want to move back after investing & working abroad

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