September 28, 2021

18 thoughts on “Repatriation To The Motherland, With Ras Ariel

  1. It makes no sense rather that some "Stolen children of Africa" would think that they should be allowed to do whatever they feel like just because they are back on the continent. I am very disappointed with people like Ras Ariel who feel this way. We in Ghana are aware that the Liberian way was a fiasco and want to do everything to avoid that. I understand his frustration but it has been the practice for most African Americans to try to immediately impose their ideas and will on the locals in Africa as soon as they return. I would like to assure every African descendant in the diaspora that Ras Ariel's story is the half truth and that Africa, and Ghana in particular is ready to welcome all African descendants without prejudice. That said, we want to live peacefully together on the continent and not allow the repatriates to return with their so-called bad baggage that he briefly mentioned. So, there is a reason why Diaspora Africans are not handed citizenship status immediately upon arrival but to apply for a permanent resident status, also called "Right to abode" status. As for the bureaucracy, that's a common thing everywhere in Africa, even we the locals get frustrated several times by it. However, certain returnees, if I may call them so, make things harder for all others. For example, the vast square kilometers of land called Fihankrah donated freely for the returnees by a local chief at Akwamufie is now in limbo, for the creation of a model African Diaspora village. This piece of land was donated freely for the Repatriates to showcase how they intend to bring their knowledge acquired from outside back to help Africa, sort of a model African American village and some of them had already started doing that. Some have already built very beautiful dome houses with solar energy. Unfortunately, one of the first African Americans to get his share of the land, Mr. Akpan, a man who changed his name to an African name, traveled back to America and instead of telling others of the good news, started to scam his fellow brothers and sisters who intend to repatriate. He claimed he has bought a large piece of land in Africa ready to sell them to potential Repatriates. With the help of some professional scammers in Ghana he was able to rip off thousands if not millions of dollars from his own brothers and sisters in America. The case is now in court and the Government of Ghana has since put a hold on the land. These are some of the reasons why we need to be careful while assimilating our people into the homeland. People like Ras Ariel should not be listened to. Ghana, and indeed Africa is ready for all her lost children to come back home.

  2. I OVERSTAND the need to not have us be a drain on the land, but if you only want our money, while not giving us citizenship, that's DISINGENUOUS. However, I'll get land in the inner regions and farm.

  3. So I guess the average African American is not welcome to come back home. I work hard everyday but I don't have money to invest. I'm not in welfare. Does not seem so fair to me. I would be willing to come but this is a joke. They only want our money. The same people who helped to enslave us! Even when the Israelites made the Exodus…the Egyptians had to pay. They Hebrews did not leave there broke…they had all the gold!

  4. Pure reality!! On point Ras Ariel, the truth of the matter is that the immigration policies was set up by the same enemy that enslaved our people.The US government is making sure that policies that are in the interest of Africans home and abroad are destabilized.

  5. Peace and RASpect to Ras AriEl. I am making the trod to Ghana next month, and I am ecstatic to finally touch home in the motherland. Same as Kwame Nkrumah said, if you build and redeem Africa, then allllll African diasporans will have a renewed respect for her! As most African diasporans would rather eat pizza in Italy than sip coconut water in Africa. We've got work to do. Africa for the Africans!!!!!!

  6. I have major respect for Ras Ariel, i followed his journey and blog for years. As an Afrikan american i repatriated also and overstanding his experience. I left for gambia, we have a lot to learn in Afrika, learning how to be self sufficient without whites…

  7. Any man can freely go to his homeland….the Japanese to Japan, the European to Europe, the Dutch to their land. The Chinese to his land and you will never know he is gone, it is not until the Black Man starts talking of  going back to his home….Africa, that is becomes a huge ordeal. Everyone has an opinion, everyone gets mad and every one wants to discourage…Why? I am not looking for an answer because I already know.

  8. I am sorry, repatriation is a JOKE! Who is going down to AFRICA without money? You cannot do this without a economic plan. Who is talking about building schools? Hospitals with state of the art technology? Engineer's? Manufacturer's? Industry? Tech industry? You dudes want to go to Africa and farm like some lil kids. Africa needs a Renaissance and we must do that. The Chinese are welcomed in Africa BECAUSE they offer Industry! You cannot go to Africa and strain the system. The fact that you are recognized as a entrepreneur is a Blessing. 

  9. This video helped me out a lot. It defied a few myths. I actually had heard that the policy in Ghana was that if we returned home we would definitely receive dual citizenship and land. Sad to hear that corruption and greed and the influence of America killed that Dream. But there is still hope that somehow someway we can make our way home to help deal with issues affecting the motherland. A place where we can be mentally free. Home sick…

  10. Although some African countries are now moving towards it – Can You imagine the WHOLE of Africa having very best infrastructures in the world ( like say "China , Europe & America " ..). I can assure you , ALL the black people in the World will be in AFRICA  – Westerners would wake up one morning , and ask  –   Where are all the black people ?

  11. I think that it would be beneficial to continue this discussion with others from different parts of the Diaspora who have chosen to repatriate to Africa. I also think that a discussion including Africans from these countries relating to their attitudes of accepting African Americans and others from the Diaspora as their brothers and sisters who feel they have a claim to the land would be interesting. Just my suggestions.

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