September 29, 2023
Response to Sara Suten Seti Egyptian Olmec claims Part 1

48 thoughts on “Response to Sara Suten Seti Egyptian Olmec claims Part 1

  1. I am not sure what "Wobamagonda" is. Whatever it means I am sure it has no equation to your Old World translation of devil. If they started calling whites that it would have been long after first contact and who knows how they interpreted it. If so, take into consideration exchanges of ideas of religion between whites and browns.

  2. Not all of any group are one way.

    However I have to say, most whites, and most do not realize it, but most of them are genuinely racist towards Amerindians, not black people. America is not a racist (beliefs) towards blacks anymore.

    I can safely assume you do not know what racism means.

  3. Of course not but that doesn't mean it is true. That is a sham argument.

    I have videos with Amerindians matching those monuments. Some almost near exact sameness:


    And yes, there are more.

    This alone tells me you do not know native people let alone there history, let alone the arguments. You are just a lemming for black-washing.

  4. What the Spaniards did is irrelevant because whatever they did, and it was horrible by all means, has nothing to do with your genuine racism. It just doesn't.

    On the other hand, your people were there with the Spaniards helping to maintain Spanish authority over the natives. These were Black Conquistadors, who were Free and Armed.

    Of course they were second class citizens but that is beyond the point.

    This is especially true after 1519.


  5. Not sure what is funny. You are the one who mentioned Maya art, not me.

    Never ceases to amaze me when you guys contradict yourselves. Even when pointing it out, you are left scratching your heads. The other option is to ignore and move on to the next claim and is expected. It's very entertaining.

    There are codices that describe stuff, not just murals and sculpture.

    Whatever image you are talking about doesn't disprove sacrifice.


  6. They are not afrocentric teachings. In his book The Sky-Religion in Egypt, G.A. Wainwright, talks about the discovery of fragments from an ancient Egyptian text in which the Typhonians or Followers of Seth are
    alluded to. On page 33 of his book, Wainwright comments:
    The "marks and characteristics" that set apart the Typhonians or devils from the original people of Egypt were their hair and the pinkish or red color of their complexion.

  7. Eurocentric teachings are suspect. 25 Years ago Dr Ben and DR. Clark said slaves did not build the pyramids and in 2012 Jews finally admit slaves did not build the pyramids. Mexicans follow what the white man says instead of doing his own research and use common sense.

  8. Yes and the Moor Pedro Alonso Nino also known as EL NEGRO was the chief navigator for Christopher Colombus helped that white man get over here. He was a MOOR. The Moors ruled Europe and were sailors. Even though you can research this information that we had navigators you still believe the whitewashing of the black Olmecs. The only thing the white man learned form Natives was how to survive on that particular land. But architecture arts and sciences came from us.

  9. Black people were never second class citizens. Maybe treated like second class but the truth is that we created civilization and were the first to have a civilization. You may call this quote by a white scholar Afrocentric but this was written at a time blacks were not allowed to read and write…….(This race of black men… is the very race to which we owe our arts, our sciences, and even the use of speech!"Wrote the amazed, distinguished French scholar, Count C. Volney in 1787.)

  10. Irrelevant. My concern is with Amerindian history, unless you are trying to connect Egypt to the Americas.

    That's why I never asked you for a source on this.

  11. "Eurocentric teachings are suspect."

    Uh huh. That's why we have several videos countering Eurocentric claims. So nothing new there.

    You don't even know what Eurocentrism is.

    Afrocentrism relies heavily on Eurocentric views of race, particularly your Old World views of Amerindian people which you nicely demonstrated earlier, obviously not knowing what you are talking about.

    Afrocentrism IS Eurocentrism but Eurocentrism could never be Afrocentrism.

  12. You don't know what racism is.

    Anything you say about whites or Mexicans or whomever, I can easily throw it back to you.

    There are more U.S. whites than U.S. blacks. So, you are going to have more various crime. You make up 13% but have high violence rates and acts of genuine racism.

    There are tons of hideous things your people have done as well. You are NOT the angelic race. No race is. But you may force me to start saying mean things, truthful things, so, be careful.

  13. "But architecture arts and sciences came from us. "

    Not convincing at all. This is upliftment talk for African Americans.

    In fact the whole of your comment box is irrelevant and a non-sequitur. It is a mixed bag of claims one not supporting the other.

  14. That would be my one error. Yes, you are correct, they were treated like second class citizens…. but that's what I meant anyway.

    Your people did not create any civilization here in the Americas, so your statement is not only absurd, but another non-sequitur.

    Volney was referring to Egypt and still irrelevant. I am not interested in arguing Egypt's race, I am only interested in Amerindians unless you are trying to make a connection.



  15. It is clear that Eric Crawford doesn't know what she is talking about.

    1. She doesn't know what Eurocentrism is
    2. She doesn't know what racism is
    3. She doesn't know anything about Amerindian people
    4. She doesn't even know how to make convincing arguments let alone keep her argument relevant

    It is amazing how one can be so wrong about everything she has stated yet try to assert herself as knowing what she is talking about.

    Afrocentrism = don't let it happen to you.

  16. "you still believe the whitewashing of the black Olmecs."

    It is a combination of black-washing and white-washing. This white-washing also contributes to black-washing; Graham Hancock, Newman, Sitchin ect.

    Yet we proved undoubtably the Olmec Monuments are unmistakably Amerindian, and that they were depicting themselves. So even if you show a black with similarity, we already proved you wrong.


  17. Im repeating what was already said about the white man. I dont follow religion. The first concept of the devil was the white man. The Hopi indians predicted what the white man would come take steal the land before it happened. The Egyptians knew as well. Even GA Wainwright a white scholar spoke of how whites were referred to as devils.

  18. Yet you still havent proven anything wrong. You still cant prove the Olmecs were originally hispanic. How do you know those indians with thicker lips were full blooded. The Mande writing is a west African language

  19. Researchers have found that some Mayan people have genetic markers, which point to African ancestors. For example: Underhill, et al noted that:"
    One Mayan male, previously (has been) shown to have an African Y chromosome." – Underhill, et al (1996) " A pre-Columbian Y chromosome specific transition with its implications for human evolutionary history", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA, Vol.93, pp.196-200. Paul Manansala has observed that: Genetics Mestizos in Mayan or nearby areas show

  20. Paul Manansala has observed that: Genetics Mestizos in Mayan or nearby areas show significant African admixture.

    The East Coast had extensive admixture according to a recent study by Lisker et al. ("Genetic Structure in Mesoamerica," _Human Biology, June 1996).

  21. "You still cant prove the Olmecs were originally hispanic. "

    LOL Amerindians are NOT Spanish.

    Those images we use are natives from the forests, were blacks nor whites do not dwell. These natives have thick lips and thin and other variation. You lose again.

    The supposed Mande connection is a lie spread by C.Winters. He has made numerous mistakes and caught in a couple blatant lies.

  22. Your ignorance is astounding. Of course in a few towns there are higher percentages of blacks, hence more admixture.

    According to that study you cite, you have taken their information and reinterpreted as something else – the crux of Afrocentric Supremacy.

  23. I recently contacted Underhill and here's what he had to say:

    "The one Maya mentioned in the 1996 PNAS paper describing the M3 (dys199) C to T mutation had a typical African hg E-M2 mutation consistent with post-Columbian gene flow."

    His contact info is not hard to find.

  24. Many Mexican Amerindians show significant European ancestry, but that does not mean Europeans have been here since 1500 bc. That's how screwed up you are.

  25. "It was never my intention to claim or imply of any Pre-Colombian contact with Africans. That is an extraordinary inference. Such extraordinary conclusions need extraordinary data to have traction. Such extraordinary data do not exist in my opinion. To the best of my knowledge their is no compelling evidence for this imaginative scenario. All "African" Y data in the New World that I have seen is consistent with post-European contact rather then the fanciful leap made by others." Underhill

  26. This quote is when I contacted Underhill to 1. verify Salsassin's claim he contacted Underhill, and 2. to get to the bottom of that quote referrenced by many Afrocentrics:

    "The one Maya mentioned in the 1996 PNAS paper describing the M3 (dys199) C to T mutation had a typical African hg E-M2 mutation consistent with post-Columbian gene flow." – Underhill"

    The quote below is from an email exchange between Salsassin and Underhill…

  27. Of course those towns have higher African admixture because that's were African descendants were more abundant due to the Triangular Atlantic Slave Trade.

  28. "Researchers have found that some Mayan people have genetic markers, which point to African ancestors."

    Of course they did. Because Africans, slave and free & armed, were brought to the New World from early on. So they mixed with natives like the Spaniards did.

  29. "A pre-Columbian Y chromosome specific transition with its implications for human evolutionary history"

    This doesn't really prove anything except some natives mixed with blacks early on, post 1492. Underhill is clear enough that that's not what he meant and his quote via email nicely destroys their claims.

  30. No one here is denying what whites did to natives. No one is denying kidnappings in Mexico… You keep harping on these but are irrelevant. I only responded to your comments but more or less explained this is irrelevant.

    What the whites did has NOTHING to do with your claims the Olmec were supposedly black.

    This is where I become vile and start using words I wanted to refrain from using.

  31. The reason why the patience goes is because the nature of the Afrocentric.

    They cannot discuss anything without fallacy after fallacy, one after the next. They repeat already debunked claims always ignoring what the data actually says. They race bait, they cry racisms and slavery, they "subject-switch," they are living in their own world while at the same time crying about whites. They straw-man you to death, they make threats and cry like bitches, even the men.

  32. I know your feeling cocky for believing you debunked me but The reason i pointed out what Underhill said was not to state blacks came before Colombus. You tried to compare recent pictures of Mayans with the puffy lips and african nose as proof .This admixture tells why today you can compare those faces you use to compare the Olmecs. You cant make an assumption based on the faces of Mayans today. Since today there lies Admixture. Yet you lie and say they are fullblooded without DNA results.. Joke

  33. "You tried to compare recent pictures of Mayans with the puffy lips and african nose as proof "

    Which is why I used older photos of Fuegian, and isolated tribes such as Xingu Kuikuro, who've had recent contact with westerners since Fawcett, and have no reports of Old World admixture. With Luzia, I used an Awa – only five members of that tribe left, another isolated tribe until very recently. So much for your accusations of my supposed "lying." I think it is the other way around.

  34. "The reason i pointed out what Underhill said was not to state blacks came before Colombus"

    Maybe but I don't believe you. That's not what it sounded like what you were saying. After all, your leaders use that quote all the time to justify their claims of some supposed pre-columbian African presence.

    Apparently you are a low class liar.

  35. "You tried to compare recent pictures of Mayans with the puffy lips and african nose as proof "

    You people have used images of American Blacks with Olmec monuments so what's your point? I HAVE USED IMAGES OF MAYA and I can successfully show modern Maya with the oldest Amerindian photos and images of natives from South America who are isolated, who share near exact, if not exact facial sameness with Maya individuals.

    Afrocentric Supremacists idiots ARE losing badly.

  36. Because Mexico doesn't have an African history. It has only a Mexican and Indigenous history, with the European and Slave and Free Black descendant history who arrived on European ships. Most Mexicans do not have African ancestry if that's what you are alluding to.

  37. If yo lyn azz have the so call facts as u believe. Challenge the General Seti, then. If U bad like that wit ya knowledge. Challenge the General, mPhuQa! I dare U, chracka. I will set it up.

  38. Man a lot of people miss what he is saying. He's not saying that they were African he is showing that they influenced them. Regardless of the Olmec Heads even though im still waiting on seeing the so called natives with braids. However, when you understand how human features can be determined by climate etc these natives are the strongest candidates for the heads. Whether the Olmec heads are black or not. The Influence is too strong to deny any outside influence. The question is where did the influence come from?

  39. 1. It really is common sense to see the similarities to Egypt. There is even an ank shaped building in ancient Mexico near a pyramid. C'mon dude, common origin
    2. Also, I noticed some very, very dark brown Mayan/Aztecs, please don't say it's a tan, that would sound SO desperate, as much of this does anyway.
    3.El Negro, one of the Olmec heads, shows a short afro, kinky hair… Explain please.

  40. Where's your facts at? Prove him wrong with facts not slander. You have none. Hard to digest information that blacks people where the mother and father of the planet. Refer us to any lecture or book to prove him wrong…..

  41. he knows it's an Egyptian calendar,but he can't tell you anything about it.the center is the guide of the earth tlaltekutli,giving the face we went to the museum one would think he would know this,but no he has no clue about this culture,yes it is possible of a connection but not in the way he "claims", if any human wishes to find themselves in the calendar system I will gladly help where I black yellow white.restore the humans back to humanity.

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