September 16, 2023
Response to Sara Suten Seti Egyptian Olmec claims Part 2

43 thoughts on “Response to Sara Suten Seti Egyptian Olmec claims Part 2

  1. Ptah, means in Egyptian/kemetic, ‘He who fashions things by carving and opening up”…. The IGBO original of this word is Okpu-atu meaning "He who moulds/fashions things by carving and opening up"’. The Igbo word tuo/atu means both "to carve and to open a hole" Ptah’s rule over Egypt began as early as 21,000 BC! his name and the collective name for the gods of Egypt, Neter/Onetera, were IGBO in origin,

  2. @blackazzman Brilliant? Most cons appear convincing until you scrath beneath the surface. A child can see that the comparisons made are not identitical and oversimplified. Now a highschool student with a B average or higher given the assignment to examine and compare these superficial claims would quickly expose the fallacy. Now imagine what PhDs know and have already meticulously proven but conspicuously missing from his grandiose exclamations.

  3. @MrKemeticenergy I like the way you suggest not using emotion but here we have Seti all emotional, screaming like a raving fool. Seti is the last guy to have good logic and none of his sources are valid. "Kemeticenergy" – gtfooh

  4. @MrKemeticenergy Stop sending pm's. Talk to me here. You said, "i know waaaaaay more than you so sit the fuck down and shut up. you knowlege is twisted… " And the rest of your shitty pm was incoherent. Funny you say you know more but cannot write a simple sentence. "kemeticenergy" -> pathetic.

  5. @blokcom It still has slavery today. Though illegal worldwide, one can still purchase a slave for about $1000 in Mali, Chad, S. Africa, Mauritania, Ethiopia, and elsewhere in the world. A sad byproduct of poverty, both financial and moral.

  6. @blokcom West africans came frm north africa and the land of isreal they fled into iner africa due to attacks frm invaders like Ali Baba and the forty arab theives and the tomb raiders lol
    Any way u try to point out that seti doesnt look like the carving then u say even with some mixture wtf does Euro have to do with africa
    Egypt was the major place in africa it was a mix of all the different afro tribes and cultures east,west,south,north jus lik afro americans are mixed with Diff afican tribes



  9. Chinese people are black, because of the pyramids found in China.(sarcasm) Next Sara Suten Seti will say that my Korean ancestors were black, because of the jade the kings were buried with, and the jade on their gold crowns. He mentions jade in the next video as proof that the ancient Mexicans were black, and copied from ancient Egyptians who were black, according to this extreme idiot and ignoramous.

  10. Yeah man, so-called Seti is so stupid, his stupidity exceeds the definition of the word stupid. That's how stupid he is.

    lol so far I haven't heard them claim the Koreans yet.

  11. Does man-boy Seti have a PhD? Thank you, you just proved how fallacious your comment is.

    Where I traveled means very little here – another poor argument from another low level Afroracist.

    Clyde Winters was debunked. That BOY couldn't even pronounce Oaxaca.

  12. Your tired tactics are tried and dead. Sources in the video. This proves you didn't even watch it. Some of this stuff is so well known that finding the info is easier than going to your public library. That's why Google is here.

    And while you are asking for lectures, documents etc.. your writing is worse than mine LOL.

    So now I envy the man-boy? LOL wow…say anything but the truth with you people.

    Hate doesn't mean racism and you don't know what racism is.

  13. blokcom is a Peon.  He cannot prove anything here is what it says, because his knowledge comes from Eugenic Science based in Racism White Supremacy.  this guy would vote himself out of a job if he thought a black person would get a crumb of cornbread.

  14. Blokcom is sooo stupid to what a WEST Afrikan is, or any of their cultures, that he cant explain to you that those West Afrikans are not from West Afrika, but claim they are from Kemet/Kush/Nubia/Egypt.  That can easily be proven with the book "History of the Gold Coast and Asante" by Carl Christian Reindorf.  that should put an end to this socalled gotcha bullshit.

  15. SETI is on a different level than this chump Blockom.  Blockom don't even know the indigenous thought processes and how important the Animals were to that process!  yet he comments from a Racist point of view, which is limited like a child with a blindfold on in a padded room.  so sad.

  16. And we assume the Norte Chico Culture is a different Culture from the Olemec…. because of what evidence found?  when? and who said?  I bet they were White People who are often very wrong, then 20-50yrs later we find out a total different story… like about the mayans calendar is not Mayan or Aztecs coming from Utah area per ancient Spanish maps… but if your a peon, who else your gonna believe? being dumb is well in Ur DnA… hell Peons just learned how to wash their ass… well some of them.

  17. The Flying SNAKE is a symbol of POWER.  now I would go into the Electrical Principals, but I am talking about Peons trying to critic an Indigenous Man talking about Indigenous people… who by the way cannot explain where the Mayans or Olemec learned their electrical principals to make (fake) gold out of Lead(which is done with electricity by the way) if they were originally not of Afrikan/Kush, or were in contact with them, which would mean their was influence… and this film critic is over.

  18. the Wings of the Serpant represent the Air from which the Lightning Bolt comes from or the ability to move thru!  SNAKE = POWER.  POWER= LIGHTNING BOLT=ELECTRICITY.  like I said… have no Idea of the genious of indigenous science and how the animal plays a part.  Salsassin/blokcom would know if he was of the original blood line. but he is not.

  19. Horus is also known as the SUN…. hence the term SUNSET. the depiction of the War between SUN=Horus and Set… Horus dies, Sun goes down, Horus rises, Sun is Reserrected…. What idiots are these.  you can Google this shit now!

  20. The name Timbuktu has taken on mythic meaning, suggesting a place that is very far away. The real Timbuktu lies in Mali, in West Africa. During medieval times, Timbuktu became a center for wealth, culture, art, and higher learning. Founded in the fourteenth century, the famous University of Sankore in Timbuktu drew scholars from far away…. so we went from huts to Universities over night?  like I said… PEONS.

  21. Word origin or Mason says 1175-1225… and the Moor ruled Europe in 711-1491….. No such word existed in Europe before the Black Man came back into that land?  And yes I said back into, because the Romans called the Celts Moors and the Celts were forced out by the Saxons and went where? into North and West Afrika… so what books do you think this Salsassin/blokcom reads about Ancient Afrika and Europe?  the reinvented Amerikan version that's what kind of books

  22. Africans have been present in Europe from classical times. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries Roman soldiers of African origin served in Britain, and some stayed after their military service ended. According to the historians Fryer, Edwards and Walvin, in the 9th century Viking fleets raided North Africa and Spain, captured Black people, and took them to Britain and Ireland. From the end of the 15th century we begin to see more evidence for the presence of Black Moors in the accounts of the reign of King James IV of Scotland, and later in Elizabethan England…. PEONS

  23. Religion in Egyptian Temples was a college level education Dummy.  The Religion in Egypt would be ALL SCIENCES that are taught today!  Where do you think Imhotep (The Mummy) learned all his knowledge at?  PEON.

  24.  An Article on PEONS doing their thing with Artifacts…..In Italy, they are called tombaroli – tomb raiders – and punished with decade-long jail sentences and million-dollar fines.
    In America, they(peons) plunder virtually unnoticed, stripping parks and historical sites of their cultural bounty without fear of getting caught.
    Indeed, US officials say the brazen looting of ancient native-American artifacts, Civil War mementos, and other valuable relics is reaching epidemic proportions. In any given year, cultural thieves make off with $500 million in relics, the FBI estimates. On National Park Service land alone, they strike on average once a day…. now only peons are concerned with civil war stuff… that's why they went unnoticed, everybody has their eyes on the black man.

  25. lack of acomplishments in the present? 
    Dr. Mae Jemison First black woman astronaut to launch into space, in 1992. 
    Carol Moseley-Braun First black woman to serve on the U.S. Senate, in 1992 from Illinois.
    Colin L. Powell First black chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 1989, and first black Secretary of State, in 2001.
    Condoleezza Rice First black woman Secretary of State, in 2005.
     Eric Holder In 2008, he became the first African-American attorney general designate in the United States.

  26. Otis Boykin DOB: (1920 – 1982 )
    Major Accomplishments: He invented 28 electronic devices including the control unit for the pacemaker.
    Emmett W. Chappelle DOB: (1925 – )
    Major Accomplishments: This biochemist worked for NASA and discovered a method for detecting bacteria in water, food, and body fluids.
    Dr. Charles Drew DOB: (1904 -1950)
    Major Accomplishments: Best known for his work with blood plasma, he helped set up the American Red Cross blood bank. He also established the first blood bank in England.
    Dr. Lloyd Hall DOB: (1894 – 1971)
    Major Accomplishments: His work in food sterilization and preservation improved processes in food packing and preparation.

    Dr. Ben Carson DOB: (1950 – )
    Major Accomplishments: This neurosurgeon and professor led a medical team that became the first to separate Siamese twins successfully.

  27. when are you going to prove he is wrong? he has his info, where is yours? all races are so scared to find blacks every where on this earth first. if not then prove me wrong…..

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