September 22, 2023
Return to Africa  Repatriation and Business Development in Ghana

Round table discussion: “2nd Annual Pan- Intellectual and Cultural Festival, June 25-July 1, University of …


9 thoughts on “Return to Africa Repatriation and Business Development in Ghana

  1. Africa got 54 countries. I think other African countries are feeling jeolous about this. So I will suggest you check your DNA you go where you belong. Togo Ghana liberia sierra Leone benin. Cameroun and nigeria. Because biw Ghana is getting a lot of backlash and they getting insult and jealousy from their neighbouring countries. Which they know Ghana is better than them all but they just hating. I wish the president can stop this

  2. My Brothers and sisters in Diaspora let's get together with love and peace. We don't hate you it's the white man who pollutes your mind. Black people love themselves that's why we haven't lost our culture. Respect, Love and peace.

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