review from the NFAC March in Louisiana Lafayette October 3 2020

Congressman clay Higgins apologize to grandmaster Jay and the NFAC And a Phone call

NFAC FORMATION Black gun formation Louisiana 4pm parc sans souci

Louisiana Lafayette October 3 black gun formation for NFAC black militia

October 3 NFAC will vist Lafayette Louisiana to see clay Higgins for is threats

could marcus garvey return as gmj and form the NFAC .that would make time traveler real 🤔🤔🤔

NFAC will vist Lafayette Louisiana
clay Higgins
black military
congressman clay Higgins
Louisiana Lafayette

congressman clay Higgins a good phone call with grandmasterjay this is looking good for us people black power

#Grandmasterjay #Louisiana #NFAC


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