August 19, 2022

33 thoughts on “Rick Ross moving his wealth to Africa

  1. O ooooh this is trouble for Africa.
    Soon they will take over and the poor will surely have no chance atall.
    Seeing America going down, they have to secure their influence in another continent.
    Dont be quick to celebrate, who's their masters?? Ask yourself that

  2. That's all good But!
    How about investing in the USA? there are many cities in the US where the population is over 90% white.
    I would like to see at least one city in the US where the population is 95% to 98% Black with over 100,000 people in it, can we get one?

  3. I hope Rick Ross doesn't think Tanzania will allow strip clubs in their country. If he comes into Tanzania with that western mentality, he will be jailed.

  4. Two properties aint bad but my situation is not a unique one Properties land issues slow process at a time i had 8 lawyers on land issues not as easy as it looks !!!

  5. Africa is where we all come from .The big boss can invest something but not move his wealth not a good idea .Am sick and stuck here right now too much stress!!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the resourceful Wisdom that you share my brother. I am a seasoned adult who has learned so much from watching your messages. Please continue to share and allow those who will receive those Golden Nuggets to receive or reject; but never stop sharing for you are helping educate even I, a senior who is open to learn and to share with my generation, my daughters, my grandsons and those willing to take time to read and learn. You won't find what you are sharing and teaching in a history book; so tell the TRUTH.

  7. BLACK people always think about this!..we were placed in Africa for a is our native land..I was born and raised here in Africa.. Stop ignoring global changes, I just call the spirit of our ancestors to help our Children come home no matter what! Africa is the heart of the earth that's why the universe placed us in the middle.

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