September 25, 2021

23 thoughts on “Ricky and Lily moving to Africa ~ I'm going to miss them so much

  1. I’m sorry to hear this Brenda that must be very tough for you. I really hope they get a chance to come back and visit you. Some great moments in this video!

  2. Awww… .. sorry to hear your sad. I hope they can visit you often. It was sad for us when we moved to England from America. My Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and cousin still live in the USA and cant move here. My Dad is British and he moved us here because his parents (my other grandparents live in the UK but due to health cant air travel anymore) But I think moving to England did us good and I think I would be in a very different position in the USA. And we will always be here for you Brenda. On Facebook and Youtube.

  3. Your grandchildren are so charming! What a pity they have to move to another continent… Hope it'll be a great adventure for them and they'll visit you soon! 🙂
    Anyway, I was sad watching this. Warm greetings!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous kids, they certainly have your sweet nature and love for everything! I know you'll miss them so very much, and im so sad for all this happening at such a hard time in your life! You're too beautiful a person, so kind and gentle to have to be suffering in any way! I'm so sorry and I wish only good things for you! Keep up the positive attitude, bc I thk it's gonna make a massive difference. How are you feeling lately, if you don't mind my asking, if so, you don't have to answer.

  5. I found it so hard watching this video and my heart goes out to you Brenda. Ours live quite a few miles from us but still in the UK so we have always seen them as often as is possible. I am sure yours will settle in their new home and keep in touch with you as we can all see how much they love you. It must be so sad for you as you fight to get better but try and look forward to visiting them all when you are well enough to travel. Stay strong. Thinking of you. Julie.

  6. Africa is beautiful. I think that nature will be good for the children. But it is hard for you. I hope you can visit her soon. Maybe the climate is good for you too.

  7. I cried when I watched your video. They are cute, it's really sad that you don’t know when you see them again, I hope it will be soon. I saw several videos where you were cooking together or doing outdoor activities. You spent a lot of time with them and they will certainly miss you a lot. With your cancer, it's hard to get through those hard times, it's too much at the same time. Your son doesn’t leave too often even if he is in the army? He seems to live not very far from you. It's great to have him near you and your husband is taking good care of you. This video is a beautiful souvenir and by chance we can talk with people online now. I really like going to Bass when I go to the United States.

    You are always positive, I hope it will help you to get through the difficulties again. I send you lots of hugs and positive waves.😘🤗

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