September 20, 2023
Rise with Sara Suten Seti in Philly 2012

35 thoughts on “Rise with Sara Suten Seti in Philly 2012

  1. man I def here seti he's on point but he's gotta go into why Africans sold us according too the Yale university slave trade ijs and Africans have bussniess n movies they are apart of this world literally they have thier own police n gov yes USA is bigger but they are still part of this kingdom they put WEAVE in our sisters hair laughing at em while wacthin African shows with a million $$$ house and family ijs how did the bible know we would be sent here and it's almost 400 years and we Are wakeing up

  2. ijs do u know what ppl was doing b4 we woke up like magic ???? some of us are army war veterans that fought for all stayed in the house no tv no NOTHING and woke up too a great truth ijs ppl was thugs killing ppl but woke up ijs how the he'll out the blue

  3. and seti said it best we in class order and the one FEMALE running her mouth caused the class too get out of order u keep hearing her ads talk suffer a bitch too shut the he'll up and LEARN

  4. tell that bitch too shut up see why the bible says suffer a @ woman not tooo speak u see thier is plentiful truth in the bible I'm not saying seti not on point but the bible plays a very important part not the white washed version ijs thier is truth n it and many know it

  5. thing about Egyptian is we was wearin snakes on our heads along with a whole lot of other shit plus the Egyptian pyramid is on the 1$ animal worshippers monarchy completely

  6. and if u don't go into why Africans sold Israelites then why the Fuck would we deal with Africans they never came for us they opened bussniess here n sell us bull shit n just laughed at us

  7. This guy is obsessed with Kemet if Kemet was true why has it just been wiped off history why did Akhenaten not keep it going he was a real special God right rest my case

  8. U need to stop being jealous envious hateful and racist if u want some sort of revolution all set doing is making fun of things a real scholar don't ridicule others but shows the point of his hem just angry of something lost in history for a reason go read the Quran and it will tell u about the pharoah who has been preserved as a sign of the end times was the discovery of that pharoah body with salt water in him

  9. Sara my bro I can't stop listening to this until I get my chance to speak with you. You ARE a WARRIOR. You helped me with a lot a problems that you ain't got sh#t todowit# Real Spit#

  10. Keep on tell the true from a Sicilian Italy person and the white person run the government and NFL and NBA and NHL and MLB and music industry and Hollywood bunch sick mother fuck and they run the big one the federal reserve

  11. Somebody punch that sista in the mouth. She is acting like a agent. Disruptive & trying to get attention. Shut yo damn mouth..& let people become enlightened. Always a damn hidden christian on that bs.

  12. Can the ignorant bitch shut up please let the man talk, your voice sounds terrible bitch. Don't nobody wanna hear nothing bout no interracial relationship take that bs to one of those fb groups

  13. Those so-called Mexicans have our blood in them you even have a big population of blacks in Mexico and they been there but Mexicans from Mexico do not like American Mexicans but the Mexicans can't do nothing with the black man but the Mexican also has black blood in him and I don't believe that we are number three a lot of non-whites they putting putting them under White they put a lot of Mexicans underweight quiet is kept you got more black people than white people in this country or this company the white population is not as big as you think the white population is dying off a lot of white men are marrying Asian women they dying out a lot of none white they putting them under wait so do not believe the hype that we 3rd and population do not believe that the so-called Puerto Rican those black people don't be fooled by the sensors small black people that you think

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