November 26, 2022

34 thoughts on “Russia President Putin Reveals his Secret Military Plans For Africa

  1. The african union must be scrapped, it cannot protect its resources- natural and human. Its the communist that gave you arms to fight the colonizer. If you do not get nuclear arms you wont be able to protect the continent from the enslavers(USA, France, Britain, Canada, Arabs and others). Africa must unite militarly on a federal level and become a super power, that is what they did in the Americas.
    Only Russia will help you yo do that but its the african must know what they want. When the colonal vultures were circling Venezuela to take over its oil and gold, Putin armed then and they had to back off.

  2. This is a great thing for Africa. Russia and China are not to be trusted, but Africa needs allies. Their protection will keep NATO at bay, while Africa unites and becomes a superpower.

  3. We don't need Russia. Russia is a deception. Russia spends billions of dollars building weapons of mass destruction at the expense of grotesque poor africans and wants to militarise us so as to gain more access to destabilize and loot our natural resources as they are doing in DRC. Shame on you Putin. Your days are numbered!!!!!!!

  4. Well for the people saying Africa should not do business with western countries clearly don't know what's going on in Africa I'll give u one example look at what they did to Gaddafi when he said I don't want American dollars instead I want to be paid Gold instead plus not to mention the plans he had for African nations not only for Libya he wanted African countries to have their own satellite which by the way African countries spend 1b dollars every year the list goes on what they did when they went to Libya and armed civilian to kill each other and kill him too what did African countries do nothing Africa will be used for all kind of stuff until we wake up and say no to foreigners and deal our problems in our own plus get rid of greedy leaders that have private bank accounts in offshore until then we will always be treated like an animal

  5. sorry we do not need any weapons our people are weapons war1 and 2 italia and france and many more country they ar using our millitary from africa((We need constructions n factories… in 😎African people they didt enjoy ther country yetπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  6. Black women are totally incapable of figuring out that the Century old trend of successive generations of black women completely senselessly substituting hideousness, suicidal disrespect, multi-generational family and general social dysfunction for feminine strength has caused innumerable millions of totally inconceivable idiots and progeny of totally inconceivable idiots to be literally buried alive by their misplaced mortal faith gender separatist and self-isolationist feminism and radical feminism which has invariably yielded perpetual self-disenfranchisement, disempowerment and government dependency.

    Black women have in fact spent well in excess of 50 years claiming that they are strong, totally independent black women who are never ever going to need a man of any kind for anything under any circumstances no matter what eventuality presents itself and further claiming that they are super-women who are capable of raising children better all by themselves and even further claiming that they are more man than any man and during this same period black communities have become absolute drug, depression and all manner of drop out infested slums, the black agricultural and industrial base have completely ceased to exist, the suicide rate has gone completely through the ceiling and after claiming that they were never ever going to need a man of any kind period, the black women who have had children with other races have set a stunning pace at becoming the largest group of single parents of interracial children on the planet.

    And if we're going to attempt to measure irresponsibility in terms of gender then it is very interesting that starting in about 1975, which black women became wholly sold on the idea that they were strong, totally independent black women who were so sold on government programs as the key to their future that they completely turned their back on God and their grandparents to make a cultural heritage out of welfare dependency, alcoholism, drug addiction, rape, pimping, gang membership, home invasion, homosexuality, crimes against the elderly, crimes against clergy and the rates of suicide, teen pregnancy, high school dropout and mass-incarceration all went completely through the ceiling in the wake of black women's completely senseless claims that they didn't need men of any kind and that they were going to go further, have more, do better and raise children exponentially better all by themselves without a man's interference.

    What has in fact happened is that black women have choked to death on welfare, white supremacy and radical-feminism and have completely turned their backs on God and their grandparents during the last 50 plus years and now that all of the places that they ran off to like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit, claiming that they were going to do exponentially better without any of their elder's guidance, have become hideous slums, they have spent the last 20 years abandoning the mess that they created and pointing the finger at everyone around them except themselves, when in fact if they had had black elders they would know that when you point the finger at someone, you are pointing three fingers back at yourself.

    Black women have gone on for the last decade about the support that they have not been getting from black men while very hideously failing to mention that it was in fact themselves who claimed that men could get out of their faces and get themselves a white woman because white women are weak and need a man where strong, totally independent black women have never needed a man.

    Women in general totally love to come up with totally inconceivably hideous and self-detrimental ideas and then when that awe-inspiring senselessness blows up in their faces they are on the streets blaming everyone else in society, but themselves, for their demise.

  7. Those poisoned vipers from Russia is the wrong people to do any type of business with. Ole Vladimir Putin is doing what former U.S. President Barack Obama did when he invited all African leaders to the U.S.

  8. how will you learn to develop yourself if you keep accepting foreign aid/help? really doesn't make sense what these african leaders are doing. it's like someone writing you lyrics for a song. yes you will have the song but it won't change the fact that you can't compose it. so essentially without the ghostwriter, you can't come up with a song on your own and for that reason you will forever rely on others for help and not yourself. i'm so sick of this backwards mentality.

  9. I read the first several comments I saw as I began scrolling down and I agree with every one of them. As of right now, there are nearly 600 of them. If I agree with 500 of them, I AM NOT ALONE!
    It is said that God plus one, make a majority. But, God, plus one, plus 500?

  10. The whole continent of Africa needs infrastructure and schools!!!! they dont need nuclear power or Russian military bases. Even the more developed countries need constant maintenance for their infrastructure. If Russia isn't going to help in those areas then this meeting is pointless. Because the future of Africa is the children! and if they aren't educated and most of the continent is in dirt roads with no railway for trade and if that isn't part of the negotiations then this summit is a waste of time.

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