July 3, 2022

29 thoughts on “Russian President Putin Allegedly Calls Africa a Cemetery

  1. Putin’s remark is correct. Corruption in Africa killed more people than famines. He’s a great leader from a great nation. disinformation us another way of getting viewers just like you did. Stop doing this. Get your money on the right way instead of coming fake news which will have a lasting impact on other people. You believed it or not Putin is the only leader fighting for Africa along side China.

  2. If you check country control by a black man he is always a puppet he is always a underdog he is always at the back most country run by black don't even have a good public hospital so it's true that's why people walk over black people cause most of our leaders are men in dress

  3. It's true African president are the stupidest in the world matter of fact black president and priminister are the weakest Chinese white Indian leaders are stronger than them

  4. Honestly I live your channel but the term racial profiling is stupid……….. he is absolutely right , he just have the balls to say what other thinks 🤦🏿‍♂️And AGAIN it's not a lie , it's just that a lot of people prefer the lies of the backstabbing "friends" .

  5. I'm African but he is quiet right about what he said. We African have no information about Africa but if someone asks us about US or UK or any other European country we know the details. For example look at Egypt and Sudan begging for help from the western organization whose sole existence is making sure Africa is impoverished rather than depending on the AU their own union. So we need to take this as a positive criticism and work on knowing and believing in Africa (ourselves)

  6. He’s so right, he’s just pointing out the stupid things the leaders do. First they should build their country before giving the wealth to other nations . Why go back when you’re dead, when you did nothing to better your counter? All he’s is saying is WAKE UP AFRICA.

  7. Putin just told facts nothing rasicst about what he said. We love everything and everywhere else but our own. Fast to develop other countries but deny development of our own.

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