September 22, 2023

The death in January of Rwandan journalist John Ntwali following an accident has led to vociferous claims and counter claims, that he was in fact a victim of the government’s ‘repressive’ measures. But what is the behind these claims, loudly broadcast by the foreign media, asks Vincent Gasana.
Journalists are often on the receiving end of harsh criticism, even condemnation. On occasion such censure is amply deserved, but a line is drawn at lying – and news organisations will part company with an employee who deliberately engages in falsehoods. Unless that it is, the story is about Rwanda, then anything is apparently permissible. 
If you have any interest at all in news about Rwanda, you will not have missed reports that the Rwanda media fraternity lost one of its own in a fatal road accident. 
The journalist, John Ntwali, was a passenger on a motorcycle taxi during the small hours of 17–18 January, when the motorcycle on which he was travelling was…

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