August 10, 2022

41 thoughts on “S. Africa Bans Sexist Ad, Senegal Reacts Racist Remarks, Africa’s Best 5 Teams Qualify for World Cup

  1. Im a South African and see no problem with that wine ad. White women in South Africa are drunks especially of wine. I think the ad suits them

  2. I like that make Africa great ideas but you forgotten affrican 🇪🇷Eritrea win 🚴‍♀️bike am waiting still thanks

  3. Hague only prosecute Africans!. Not to say they shouldn’t be held accountable for their deeds. But the hypocrisy will never end!. Just wait and see nothing will happen to Russia since they don’t recognize it. You only recognize Hague if you are poor!. Nothing to do with justice!. But hey am not surprised, we both know who rules the world!.

  4. The Dafur trials should not have been held by the ICC…I wish Sudan had handled the cases internally in their own country…..America will never hand over George W Bush for war crimes against Iraq or Afghanistan so neither should we as Africans

  5. Its time Western leaders get charged for War crimes, it seems they only target Africans and non Westerners, so white privilege continues to spare Dubiya Bush from facing charges.
    In other news, good luck to the 5 African countries going to Qatar,hope we can see them in knock out stages.

  6. If racists like Eric Zemmour is elected president in France it could be a good thing for Africa. He Carrie’s put mass deportations of black people and it will bring the leaders closer together and they’ll adopt a more pan African mindset. On top of that hit France with retaliatory sanctions that can cripple its economy. Without Africa France would be a third world country 😁😁😁

  7. Now if they can get the other countries to use solar energy the continent to do the same it would be great. Africa should learn how to produced solar panels and batteries.

  8. Africa need to call up : Africa Summit , to all colonizer to Africa to be address by Africans that it has come to notice that they don't want to leave African Affairs alone : Please just leave Africa's affairs for African and pleases take your military bases home , NGO, 5etc and awaits invitation .

  9. Eric please send them back and remove all French people out of Africa, Just like you don't want Blaacks in your demonic racist country, Africa doesn't want demos in theirs

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