July 5, 2022

42 thoughts on “S.Africa Shocked by Israel AU Entry, Zimbabwe Halts Chinese Mining, Locals Want British Army Out

  1. The African Inion commission leadership is made up of the heads of states of Africa. So when you say "the commission unilaterally made a decision without consulting its members" I'll rather you qualify it and say Faki, the chairman of the AU made the decision. The only reason South African leader, supposed president of the commission, is angry is because he didn't get the chance to get some of the bribe from Israel. He is trying to distance himself from bribes temporary because he's being watched as a result of the accusations against the former president. It's just a game. African Union Observatory Status is actually a form of membership that comes with prescribed deals and benefits of Africa's wealth and bargaining power. So selling that to Israel is despicable.

  2. The reason that Africa is considered a Third World continent and people are starving to death, always begging, and considered the underdog is that African leaders are the most corrupt and ignorant on the planet. All they care about is bowling and kissing the a$$es of Europeans for their own profit. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  3. I must say this again, Africa needs to have China leave the continent. If they do not, China is going to metastasize to Africa like a cancer. Africa together has enough wealth to pay China for the construction they have completed or started. I hate to take this position, however I do not think it will bode well for the African continent with China being there.

  4. AU's decision to work with Israel is not bad….. almost all western states have a very bad report on human rights and South Africa knows well, we can't use what is happening in Israel and Palestine to defy the relationship.

  5. Finally the serpent seeds has entered our homes through the front door because of money hungry looters called leaders forgetting that this entity called Israel hell hates black people globally and will never be your friend and ally no matter what position they occupy they are there to destroy black people across Africa continent.

  6. Is israel an african country or has it become one ? If the AU is opened to the countries all over the world , then it is no more african but an intercontinental union ( I . U .)

  7. Now talking about S. Africa, its so shocking to be/ unde9rmine by the/ =AU chair M, Baki to rant Israel obs6erer status without consultation. As a South African , EFF political party keeps the ruling party ANC , in check all the time. Now coming to the Chair , he is allowed to go on unopposed and our true leaders left out cold hence AU need to be reformed and PAP must come of ae. There's so much to do . alone in Africa , first get EU troops out of Mozambique , get rid of all military bases in africa…

  8. I am for Biden and resonate with what he did recently , pull out USA force from Afghan and visited Pulsa site , and negotiate peace with Russia and China and open nuclear talk BUT coming to Africa – he had to come through AU fist – after we , African clean our house first …

  9. South Africa should be last country to question Israel when it's Black majority government oppresses its minority communities and fails to protect them.

  10. What role do countries which have โ€œobserver statusโ€ play in the AU? This is really odd. Israel is mistreating its Palestinian population.

  11. Now Israel will remain as an observer in a broken AU, we somalis are out of AU,we don't sit Israel as long as Palestinian are not free

  12. I Can't!! Disappointment after disappointment with those scared sellout african put in place so called leaders …. People around the world have to stand up raise their vibration and take back!!

  13. All what I see from the so called Pan African community is repeating from play book of the white supremacy Anglo saxion War/China bashing. If you are so concerned about China presence in Zimbabwe, were is the same energy in advocating for the west to remove Sanctions on Zimbabwe. China is the only major power trading with Zimbabwe at the moment, obviously that is a leverage for them. As Africans we should address our problem with China from an African point of view not from the play book of the west. If we succeed in demonising China, Zimbabwe will go bankrupt.

  14. African leaders and hangers on, around the world are addicted to fantasy, always trying to smile through geopolitical realities, ignoring the reality of what's in front of them. Israel get's in but Haiti does not? Please raise your price on being bribed Africans.

  15. Good move AU. I don't understand why the shock by South Africa. Every African nation should celebrate the acceptance of Israel as an observer country ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  16. African problems needs African solution to solve it, but inviting non-African into our discussions as an observer ( I don't know for what benefits ) is just appalling.

  17. What's Israel's motive for wanting entry to AU? that's suspicious. How can a decision be made without majority consent? Why are so many Africa countries having the same problem with the same people who don't respect others?

  18. If Israel is apartheid state then every African country is Apartheid, Jews are indigenous people of Judea n Samaria (Israel)

    While Palestinian know as Arabs their from Saud Arabia . Jews taking back thier own land is occupation

    Jews were taken to Europe as slaves by the ottoman empire and Arabs took over their Land, After the Holocaust they decide to come back because it was not safe in Europe

    The only place which is safe for them is Israel which is their mother land but things were not easy for them cause they found Arabs on their

    Jews are not white that why they wr taken into concentration camps with the aim to wipe them completely out of Europe

    Telling people that they are occupying or apartheid you must know what you are saying. THE CORRUPTED ATHEIST WESTERN MEDIA is misleading you guys

    By the way the capital city of Israel is Jerusalem

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