December 1, 2021

29 thoughts on “SA billionaire Rob Hersov speaks frankly about the state of SA – a MUST SEE conversation

  1. Rwanda is, by all measures, a poor country. The 1994 war obliterated the country's economy, social fabric, human resource base, and institutions. Almost 90 percent of the population lives on less than US$2 per day and half of its population lives on less than US$1 per day.

  2. Why is he saying all that,to break and divide our unity,so that he could have a loophole to fit in and continue taking our resources and control our economy within their white monopoly capital circle with his team,thay came here empty handed now they are rich from our own resources,but they don't get enough of it..they sucks..

  3. I'm not an SA cit anymore, left in 2003. Work for a company that doesn't have any offices nor will never ever have. To see the demise in 18 years, is jaw dropping. I have to agree with Rob Hersov, SA is not investable. In 2001 there were 602 listed companies on the JSE, now today only 344. Makes you think. A sure sign of going backwards. Not a slamming session, just facts.

  4. DA, really, South Africa needs someone fearless who cannot be bought or brainwashed. That individual is Julius Malema. SA has no real hope without EFF. Divide SA another attempt at dividing and conquer where the rich can continue to fatten themselves without sharing the wealth.

  5. It's a beautiful day to be black. Fortunately for us, all governments will collapse. All these evil monsters have run out of their time. All of them will pay for their evils.

  6. It's so sad hear from black people saying they love this guy and I want to say to them your lost and you start behaving like coloured when they have money they become white so this white monopoly they see now this is the end of their dirty work so they start to campaign for black people to support them like they did with cyril ramaphosa bcoz they started there to win 🏆 Nelson Mandela and other ANC comrades now they are bussy with the young black people who Raise their own voices likes Vusi Thembekayo some others so Black people wake up we are winning and will rise

  7. You are a billionaire because of your whiteness. Showing support for a Party that is mocking our people back into slavery. Be honest and blunt and tell people how you really became a billionaire. Most of SA billionaires are it because of Apartheid and the the oppression of anything black or not white. The DA is none other then a colored painted NP who brought us apartheid.

  8. The African continent is for Africans not some white man who has lived in South Africa for a few years and when times get tough the capital flight which is what he and his white counterparts are doing and the funny thing is that they know these white South Africans moving to London and Australia are racist so if you ask me one less racist to deal with

  9. Rob Hersov comments about tech and digital companies are very valid.I seen how India have leapfrogged their way into the digital revolution.Indias infrastructure is still poor,but you can see rapid improvements and restructuring using digital tech.We can use that template here.

  10. this man hes right and wrong at the same time……he doesnt believe in the liberation of the entire country from ANC, because hes not a leader but a business man , he can do good businesses , but he can't lead the people,hes too divided ….DA dont agree with them because they're not interested in individuals but SA people as a whole ….cape independence will take them forever

  11. Why is this guy campaigning for DA?.Can he plz say something or invest his money to help the poor or middle did he uild his wealth?.Im very worried about this Cape Independence why is it so important for thi gentleman to separate this beutiful country?.We as rainbow South Africans we want to be together. Not separated we wa nt one community not black or white.plz my brother stop encouraging thise such the end of the day white South Africans are still struggling with apartheid. Or hate of non white people.i fully don't agree with ur attitude about how u are pushing this whites only Cape this space with ur attitude. U gonna make things difficult for this Country especially DA.remember the western cape for many years was under the Anc. People of colour blacks are still majority here.plz count ur words before u talk.the people of this Country are still very much wounded. Your words may work against u.Lets fix this beutiful country not to destroy it.remember money can't buy everything. For so long the majority of South Africans they lived without the money that u personally have.can it be also that ur grand daddy took everything??.Im just asking. WE all know it's the insult for most Whites in SA .to take instruction from blacks former kids of their domestic workers.fix my frie nd don't brake. Thanks i love u all South Africans plz let us unite. Dont allow any one to separate us.we call it rainbow for a reason

  12. –> When people explain things in terms of race, they forget that race itself doesn't exist. They are using weaponized language that lead to the death of 75 million people in World War II. 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians. That war was based on genocide that was justified according to an ideological theory, expressed as racism. One group of people sought to generate hatred and create a hell on Earth. Every other country in the world (with the exception of about 4 others) stood up to that evil, picked up a gun and marched into the heart of darkness and fought for the survival of mankind.

    Your enemy today, can become your friend tomorrow… only if both are open to new ideas.

    South Africa's economic problems need to be seen in context with the rest of the world. The fossil fuel age .. reached it's peak in 2009. GDP has been steadily declining since then, across the world. The way in which we generate money and resources needs to change in order to pull the masses of South Africa out of poverty.

    No one really cares about us. As a country, we are on our own.

    From 2017, South Africa has been downgraded to double and triple junk status. What this means is international investment has not only stopped… investors are pulling their money out of the country. Every cent wasted through corruption, is money that has been removed from the national economy, for ever.

    The annual budget is about 2 trillion Rand.

    If all the money does not move through the correct annual monetary cycle, and is instead leaked into the pockets of a few corrupt people.. then that money is lost forever. If people continue to vote for a political party that maintains a top down power utility that burns coal in order for us to experience load shedding, while increasing the price every 4 months, then the country will bleed out. Who do you think is going to come to the aid of the furtherest African country, from the Western world?

    Electricity generation can be made available to every single person in South Africa. Our Sun doesn't send bills to Earth. Replacing our existing power grid with a SMART grid, that allows people to generate their own energy and sell it back to the grid for a profit… those poverty stricken will be able to generate an income by maintaining the generation of power through their own solar panels, windmills and hydro technologies…

    The United States started to implemented this system 10 years ago.

    "Be the change you want to see in the world." – Mahatma Gandhi

    If a privileged person behaves with a sense of entitlement.

    The observer experiences strong negative emotions.

    The differences that exist between the observer and the other person, become the focus of attention.

    The privileged person is grouped with others on the basis of these differences.

    If a second privileged person becomes aware of his/her sense of entitlement.

    The observer experiences strong negative emotions.

    If a third privileged person becomes aware of his/her sense of entitlement, and changes themselves at a fundamental level.

    The observer experiences strong negative emotions.

    If a fourth privileged person becomes aware of his/her sense of entitlement, and changes themselves at a fundamental level, and then interacts with the world in a completely different way.

    The observer experiences strong negative emotions.

    If a fifth privileged person becomes aware of his/her sense of entitlement, and changes themselves at a fundamental level, and then interacts with the world in a completely different way, while focusing on how similar people are.

    The observer continues to experience strong negative emotions.

  13. Why is a muzungu speaking on what is best for an African country… Cherley take your western ideology back to europe.
    And you brainwashed indigenous melanin individuals can leave the continent too and see if europe will accept you as their equal.

  14. Fyi Afrikaans would not be the prominent language…. That in its own would be a failure… English is the world's first and you can't beat that with Boer… Sorry but just doesn't match up .. not to mention South Africa is the way it is cause of the Boer….

  15. Can u blame them?? History just erases and punishes them . Big guys think they doing the right thing, i sadly disagree. But DA has got wrong approaches that need to be addressed. But in one sence south africa is important as a whole .!!! Divided we all fall.

  16. I'm not voting for the DA because of their abhorrent attitude on Animal rights and their pro vaccine stance. For some of us it's about more than money. The OHM get it.

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