June 9, 2023
Sa Neter & Sara Suten Seti  Vs. Sabir Bey & Brooklyn Intelligence Pt 2

28 thoughts on “Sa Neter & Sara Suten Seti Vs. Sabir Bey & Brooklyn Intelligence Pt 2

  1. The base distance in miles from North America to Africa is 8,000 miles or so. If this was North West Africa and the land split, it didn’t happen in no time before 30,000BC. Do you know how major that would be and damage it would cause to anyone living at that time anywhere on the planet. These Moors are crazy.

  2. The problem with this is we have not been taught about our Moorish history. It has been hidden from us. Why? Because we basically taught the Caucasian European. The difference between Sabir and Brooklyn Intelligence is that Sabir is not a temple Moor and Brooklyn is. Sabir is a nationalized Moor. Sabir is a journalist and historian. He is doing more than these so-called black professors because these black professors are not allowed to teach Moorish history. Why? Because these Caucasoids want to uphold their WS. Sabir not only have the books he travels and finds the evidence like those who travel to Kemet. Check out Sabir Bey on YT. He is currently in Spain. Truth be told I like both Seti and Sabir. There should be no anger between the two. They have two separate disciplines and both should be respected.

  3. Seti didn't come with the rah rah in that city council. He said he was a traveling man. That's how we are. We turn up on each other and be real humble in front of ppl with power.

  4. All these guys who have no moral code or spiritual connection have been saying “I’m African & I don’t believe in anything” have no moral code. They are all being exposed for what they are these days.

  5. The Dutch was Black European are black the white people showed up n the original Europeans dissappear so the black dutch n French CREOLE was black Natives the Dutch sold they slaves to the British The Sephardic Jew was black the Muslim Moors black

  6. We enslaved our people first not sure why the Dutch West Indian Company who was the island of Barbados government was Dutch black Sephardic jews the Nostrands N Clarendon n Flatbushes n Bushwicks n Utrecht was the 5 towns of Brooklyn the Lenape people was black the carnarse Indians was the same tribe they was shipped out to islands by our people the black dutch Sephardic jews Muslim Moors The Dutch Neitherland had 10 year war which England won n the Dutch retrieved selling their slaves to the British these enslaved people was Natives of America n carribeen not african only after African was brought in

  7. These corner store Moors are space cadets somewhere near Pluto. Far from the sun. Brain on freeze. Dude in the middle with the dunce cap on his head had the audacity to say that a corporation is a person. That's when you know a person's brain is on freeze.

  8. Hotep from Ghana. This had the potential to be much more educative, but the incessant interruptions, combative innuendo, loudness and outright arguing virtually eclipses learning. With intelligence comes self restraint, wisdom and nationhood.

    It was VERY difficult to hear where each person was coming from. It was equally difficult to detect if or when there was agreement. Going forward, these important debates need to be MUCH better moderated and each speaker must be able to make uninterrupted succinct points.

    Peace and eternal ancestral blessings!

  9. Here’s the thing y’all are Americans not Moors Kermit what ever y’all aren’t about to go to war with anybody y’all just talking… blacks where enslaving blacks for century’s before a “white men “ever step foot in Africa slavery is not unique to blacks

  10. What Funny Farm did you escape from ❓🦤. The moor's were the Biggest Slave Traders in the World 🌎. Fact Europe and the USA Won the War against the moor's in 1800. Still wearing your red K.F.C. 🥳 Hat. Where is Your Fake moor police department , in Jail or got their cars towed for no Valid State plates and no D.L. Fact . The moor's empire is located at the North,& South Pole. When are you going to collect the $5,000,000. In Gold 🪙❓❓❓ moor's are 👹 and Mentally Challenged.👺

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