November 26, 2022

26 thoughts on “Sanctions on Africa Unacceptable, European Firm Caught in Tax Fraud, AU Says Ethiopia Election Fair

  1. Kenyan President is not fit to speak for Africa, he is not worthy. He has deemed it fit to get himself involved with the internal affairs of Nigeria and set Kenya against the people of southern nigeria.

  2. Our brothers & sister African , we should stand to gether to defeat western involvment in our continent.
    Western poltician AGENDA is very clear . To desmantel our union by puting wor. so we should stand to gether!
    God bless Africa!

  3. Uhuru a British Born boy expectations was so high interior & exterior Kenya's affair before leadership but he has never proven that point.
    Just he became the son of colony far away from African librarian who can be good example for many dictators eclipsed Africans goal of good leadership beyond discrimination system like Uhuru

  4. Ghana Investment Summit was an excellent idea, hope the government did a mass media appeal for diaspora participation worldwide I saw only a few commercials on Ghahian YouTuber Wode Maya channel. Thanks to the Ghanaian Government, hope it was a successful summit.

  5. Apologies are a thing of the past. Africans should stop accepting apologies not accepted, make them pay for their deliberate actions. Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

  6. When French Government unnecessary policies implementing in French speaking Countries nothing was done ✔
    ???????? Taking out £560 Billions the World was quite??????????????? Oh Africa countries wake up

  7. This African leaders are real followers and they look at the west as the powerful giants and forgetting the fact that these same people enslaved us and we should not be treating them with kid's gloves. Belief me they act like kids and they do not care if you are suffering or not. It is up to us to take control of our own destiny and not allow the west to do it for us. It is also important to listen to stories of Africans who lived in the west tell their experiences. It is not good here. My worst experience was moving to New York from Atlanta Georgia, The city of New York despises African immigrants. They use "LASERS" to attack us, which is detrimental to the human body. I am a victim of these " LASER" attacks. Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

  8. The west is attempting to gain a foothold on sanctions against some African countries, thereby giving them a foothold on decision making in yo our internal affairs. This is a test for the African Union to stand firm as one unit and defend the African countries that these western countries imposed a sanction upon. UNITE AFRICA. Be vigilant, the struggle continues!

  9. Don’t worry EU is not a credible institution which deliberately & willingly opting to open its ears to fake, destabilizing, untrue, & fabricated lies to design its policy esp. on Africa.
    The Western media are also the same in fabricating lies to confuse its international audience!!!!

  10. Until Africa collectively sees the continent thru the eyes of the colonists they willingly allow to to rape them of their natural resources they will continue to be treated like crap! How do you allow other countries to place sanctions on you because you decide to put your foot down and not give into their demands any longer? When will you wake up and see that they need you more than you need them?! When will you see that all the natural resources you have are valuable and needed by other countries to SURVIVE AND WITHOUT YOU THEY ARE IN TROUBLE?!!!! The USA has nerve to punish other people for the exact same things they themselves are guilty of…somebody wanted to make me laugh this morning and they accomplished it with that story 🤣 😂

  11. More and more African nations are saying "NO" to the business as usual mentality with EU and their daddy USA.
    It's time that AU comes up as one and demand lifting of sanctions and to oppose future sanctions
    on their member states.

  12. Uhura went Belgian…… Oh really…. I hope he brings back….Congo diamond….
    Every time, some things happen….. U don't go them…. U saction them…. Lol… Not joke.. Kenya, is reading the book" England!.. lol… EU know ……these Afrikan Leaders……. are reading their book … Trash the book….. 🤣. Write your book…. Any way….. EU….are wrong to saction Afrika…… Without Afrika….. They never buil their country…… Without Afrika Resources…… There are NoYorub??…..
    France leaving…… Sahal….. We don't know……how much resources raw….they take??.. haha….. I swear……. West Africa…. are reading that book….
    Afrika Union…….. Not talking …… Climate change…… EU….is taking right now….so they can benefit Afrika…… So Afrika must talk about….. Climate change….. Kicking In Madagascar…. Bad bad….. very bad drought….. So Afrika is behind Climate change……. .
    "Afrikan Leaders…….. Don't go EU…… Saction EU"….. Fair play…..

    Blessed all the World……

  13. Hopeful, they will unite and start building/creating weapons to defend themselves! They have the supply’s in their own backyard, minerals needed! Africa UNITE

  14. There's literally genocide happening in the north of Ethiopia, Tigray region and no one is talking about it so sad instead of blaming others we should focus what the root causes why is there so many corruption happening we need to face the problem and fix it.

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