August 19, 2022

34 thoughts on “Sankara Trial Resumes, Dangote’s Launches $2.5bn Fertilizer Plant, Nigeria Loses Case Against Shell

  1. Shell paid to get rid of the Ogoni leaders, rather than respect the people whose land were being destroyed.

    Thanks for sharing this news story, I haven't seen it anywhere else.

  2. Remember, that Shell was previously Dutch Shell and the history of the atrocities from the Netherlands supercedes that of the National Socialists of Germany. Circle your wagons family!

  3. Fertilizer destroy the natural ingredients of the soil. Africa is a tropical continent and doesn't need fertilizer. Temperated continents need fertilizer for their soil is poor in nutrients.

  4. I want to like. While I listen, I notice , that text, on the screen should not undermine, the detail, of the info presentation. Distraction, I and I don’t use.
    If the presentation is effective, there is no need for synopsis, or sum up, as print. Africa, does not need to explain human nature (failing), yet a link to a failure, is in our standards of allowance. America has it’s own failing. My question becomes, ”will people cease to care about , a subject that is hard to explain..?”

  5. The tallest waterfall in the world is Venezuela's Angel Falls, which plunges 3,212 feet (979 meters), according to the National Geographic Society, and not Victoria waterfall. Moreover why the name Victoria Waterfall instead of an African name? I love aAfrica

  6. So proud of this channel for continually bringing fantastic news from the continent. Thank you for all your hard work! I like, share and comment on as many videos as I can. Keep up the great work!!!

  7. Nigeria need to kickout USA & european oil firms out there country and sanction them on the way out of the door African Union need to ban all USA & european corporations out the continent

  8. Please my melanated family, do not invest your hard, earn money with anyone via whatsapp, promising to make you a hefty return. They are nothing but con-artists, fraud, and imposters. Names like Gary Ralph, Hernandez, John, Abraham, Henry, and others. Don't trust them at any cost. You will be ROBBED. Sites like Fidel circle, Shidyfxtrades, etc are FAKE sites. Please take this warning seriously.
    These scamers are actually NIGERIANS using whatsapp and cashapp to do FAKE crypto investments. Please be aware of these scams.

  9. 2nacheki, you are telling Afrika's narratives and stories! Whom ever this Victoria person was/is, she does not have a lake in Afrika! Our Ancestors used several names to identify that body of water, e.g., Nyanza. Asante sana.

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