September 20, 2023
SARA SUTEN SETI AND ZION LEXX STARRING IN The Less Confused"Community" Season#1 Episode#2

Set in Cities across America, The Less Confused”Community” is the mini,reality, soap opera series that highlights the stories …


13 thoughts on “SARA SUTEN SETI AND ZION LEXX STARRING IN The Less Confused"Community" Season#1 Episode#2

  1. Seti was actually right here tho. Moses did commit murder. In the Bible it says that Moses waited until after the soldier had finished beating on the Israelite, followed him, killed him, and hid the body. The regular story we hear of the slave getting beat and Moses interfering is incorrect. That's not how it happened in the Bible.

  2. Seti!!! You sound just like the white supremist here as pharaoh!! So if you would have knocked the cop off George Floyd and took his life what would you be???

  3. Seti won, 1 zion aggressivetalking bout what he can't say about his rregion, 2 he arguing, about the different between murder and kill, they basically the same, 3 zion getting mad cause he called him a nigga 🤣,4 seti said he don't want that etype of energy stay on the subject witch was ham, but he ,zion made it about aggression cause he didn't want be be proven wrong🤷‍♂️

  4. That’s why I don’t phuque with my people, especially young cats under 50 years old who don’t know themselves. This is all to common, where a simple discussion could turn deadly over something trivial.

    black boys and girls got to much hate in them to the point where they can’t even disagree on a simple topic, and I don’t want to hear bout the phony excuses, especially about slavery being the root cause, because even native Africans hate each other and exhibit the same kind of intolerance as these enslaved Africans in the diaspora.

    The most dangerous place for a black man is amongst other black men, especially the streety uneducated types who give credence to street values, violence and prison culture. I’ve seen too many healthy young black men cut down in their prime by the gun, and over utter foolishness.

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