September 21, 2023
Sara Suten Seti: Black Conscious Leader or Hood Roach?

Sara Suten Seti, or “” as he is referred to here in his own words condemning himself to the latter term in the title of this video. Is this your so-called ” leader”?

Original video:


7 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti: Black Conscious Leader or Hood Roach?

  1. Hi Common Denominator!! I'm a new subbie of yours and just recently heard of the dispute between Suti and Dr. Umar. I agree with you regarding Suti, however, Dr. Umar's response to him used the "N" just as many times, and his "apology" video placed blame on everyone else for posting the vid. Both men were out of pocket, and even though Umar's vernacular my sound more "intelligent", I wouldn't necessarily look at Dr. Umar as being a better alternative to Suti.

  2. peace, I understand your stance on seti and appreciate your opinion. Still, the reason seti is so popular is that he has a target audience ( of which I am not included) and he has found his niche. I personally think that the younger version of myself would be drawn to him before I put down the dope sac laid down may blue flag and elevated myself to the white collar world in which I now live. I'm in no way making excuses for the excess of tomfoolery, yet I do believe that sometimes it's necessary to go to where the audience is.

  3. dysfunctional but who's talking about who and don't even know them physically? who's about to get paid of a name that was already known on YouTube him or you is not making money off of you. lol be original

  4. What do you mean "respectable"?
    That's the same rubbish that keeps Black people divided.
    There was an expectant Mother who was jailed for sitting in the front of the bus, but she was pushed outta existence by Black leadership and fronted Rosa Parks because she was married.
    Please we have to stop this ridiculous elitism in the Black community.
    Yes we should ALWAYS strive for excellence as a race of people, HOWEVER, dissing knowledgeable Black who are "ghetto", is not the way to fix US and our dilemma!

  5. R u black? If ur white and u want to help blacks how about speaking up on the racism coming from your people. All blacks are not the same. We need people from all levels to reach and relate to their peers they respect so they will listen and learn. Some people relate to academic scholars/squares and some of us fuck with the street dudes. Don't hate what u don't understand sir. If ur black, don't hate. How bout u start teaching and become a leader. Show us how to do it.

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