September 29, 2023
Sara suten seti black woman is god PART 2

20 thoughts on “Sara suten seti black woman is god PART 2

  1. I am so mad that I'm just now getting hip to SETI. Hrs is my ace. He FOREVER has my support. THESE LAMES GET OFF ON DOWNING ME AND MY SISTERS AND THEY DESERVE A KICK IN THEY MOTHER FUCKING ASSS

  2. Joe pittmen Excellent!!!! I'm happy we are finally un raveling the mysteries of the black women. The Caucasians put us in a deep sleep. Its time to rise, and restore the Queens to our thrones. Stay focused brothers and do what you do. We are watching 😊 we luv you stay strong, witty, and brave.

  3. when did people start believing this bs I'm a black man who loves his black women bit teaching that she is God is stupid. do you think the black women can create the sun the moon the stars the planet or dna no I don't think so and a woman doesn't even create life she just harvest the males seed.

  4. 1cor1:1 and nobody nobody" hat…yeap please allow my con~struct~i ~butions to/4/with in this honors praises ANKH. and from "GOD" i love you… peep this thou still LOVE 4 principle, too much interexp info on/4 this spot, IAM HERE…We should speak about my name…

  5. Gods are not human , since you study metaphysics and history it's astonishing you know none of this . Only an Adept knows these things. Sir you're ghay as a day in May .

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