September 24, 2023
Sara Suten Seti Blasts The City Council

46 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti Blasts The City Council

  1. as we see today in modern America young brothers who are lost in the brain that think its cool to sag their pants. but what is even more tragic is to reject knowledge and truth and sag their minds! sadly we see it everyday. the demon called ignorance is alive and well in the unused brain of young black men! wake up your mind young brothers before it is too late. the clock is ticking!

  2. Please READ Aaron Wilkin's post it's 100% fact. And notice how it won't allow any reply. This dude in the video and all his videos is a agent provocateur. The question is who is financing this dude.

  3. Anybody hating the brother for raising the Afrikan youth to something more than guns and other violence is alright with me. You get off your ass and go to WORK!!!!Β  You selfish idiot. Stay in your little cave.

  4. Wow. I'm shocked at the negative comments said here. This brotha has inspired me to do something to solve these problems in our community. Stop hating on the man and do something. mason , craft of Amun Ra. what ever. At the end of the day, he is for his own.

  5. @mikedoesseo – stop trolling Black forums. I've dealt with you on other Black forums ('How Egypt Became White') and spewing the same piece of shit. Like I told you before STOP STINKING UP our Black commentary forums, you racist piece of shit. RBG for life!!!

  6. Sara…. Excellent Job.. you spoke with passion, conviction and the truth. Based on the photo it appears that about 40% of the council is white plus the mayor with a city of 86%+ black. makes you wonder..MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  7. this guy speaks the truth about a lot of stuff but hes in the wrong state of mind to lead anything..backs and whites work together every day
    yall think white folks got it so easy .why don't yall look around were all in the same shit
    this country evolves around money that's one thing we all have in common
    and none of us poor people never have enough of it
    I don't care what happened hundreds of years ago between blacks and whites
    I wasn't around and neither were yall
    youll have to find something eles to fight about soon because the smart black folks that think for themselves are waking up to this bull shit
    this is all of our country and were letting the government take over divide and conquer at its best

  8. BP from the cell seti .. been following the bro since I first saw his video some one posted on fb… then I seen his face on utube…. light every since.. that's for it time bro.. Hotep

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