September 21, 2023
Sara Suten Seti crushes Agent Polight to the Peckkkerwood

35 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti crushes Agent Polight to the Peckkkerwood

  1. Almost every absurd thing you see any African on the planet do today was never heard of until we lived under this beast and he stole the kids of the people he conquered and indoctrinated them. The stuff that Islam preaches and Muhammad did was non existent in any of our ancient civilizations until you know who came along. Prove me wrong. Show me beastiality in black Africa before the coming of those other people.

  2. But… you already know that's impossible to prove. You're not going to have photographs of anything before 1816. And while these people would not pose for drawings there are prehistoric drawings of bestiality. (see wikipedia) I seriously doubt that you could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it started with Europeans. You're forming a hypothesis based on what you know in the modern era. This is based more on assumption than actual fact.

  3. Middle east, Asia, India… wikipedia has pictures. One of them on a temple. Even in the bible you see that it was going on. Look… I do not know everything about the ancient world and neither do you. I do know that that sexuality was a major part of many ancient religions. If the bible had a law about it then KMT mostly likely had the law first. People have had sexual fetishes since the beginning. And if its taboo its usually hidden, which means people might not record specific cases.

  4. None of us wants to believe that our ancient ancestors did things we wouldn't do today. Myself included. But trying to blame someone else for everything we disagree with based on their "race" is wrong. And they should not think all black people steal either. As far as I'm concerned Europeans are not creative. They exploit pre-existing creations. But when it comes to sexual fetishes you can look at modern data to see not everyone has fetishes and among those who do they're not all the same.

  5. quote: "According to Pliny, Semiramis prostituted herself to her horse; and Herodotus speaks of a goat having indecent and public communication with an Egyptian woman. Strabo and Plutarch both confirm this statement. The punishment of bestiality set out in Leviticus shows that the vice was practised by both sexes amongst the Jews."

    you could say these 3 were all lying but this plus the laws against it tell another story.

  6. that's funny. You obviously disagree but choose not to make an actual counter argument against what I said. Instead, you insult me which betrays the fact that you disagree but don't want to offer anything better. This is what emotional people tend to do. You get offended and respond with your emotions instead of reason. You haven't actually understood anything which makes YOU the idiot.

  7. No, you misunderstood and made an assumption based on that misunderstanding. If someone says "You are afraid IF you wont do something" they're not saying:
    1. you shouldn't do it
    2. you should be afraid

    I have debated them before so I'm not afraid of doing so and no one else should be either. But if you don't have all your facts straight or you don't have a good argument then you might not win and some people fear that so they don't try.

    But if that's not you then what's the problem?

  8. You're emotional. Talk to me when you're not. Until then you wont be thinking straight and a conversation with you under these conditions will not profit either of us. I am actively working against white supremacy. I don't need to get into a useless emotional verbal battle with my own family who is supposed to want the best for our people and be working for it just like me. But if you don't understand this then I have no more to say to you.

  9. @iJourney33
    German archeologist Richard Lepsius details this same depiction in his book with the following excerpt:
    "This painting [shows] that the [Egyptians] saw [themselves] as [black] and painted themselves as such, [without] possible [confusion] with the indo-europeans and semites"
    There's was NOTHING "arab" about them!
    Hell the arab didn't set foot on to Afrikan soil until the beginning of the 7th century!

  10. @iJourney33
    The High Priest Hunefer tells us in his papyrus writings "where" they originated from:
    "[We] come from the [beginning] of the [Nile] where the god Hapi dwells at the foothill of the mountain of the moon".
    The only 2 places in the world with the name "Mt of the moon" are BOTH in the central and great lakes region of Afrika!
    1) Mt Kilamanjaro <– literally means "mountain of the moon"
    2) Rwenzori (Uganda) <– ALSO means "mountain of the moon"
    Arabs don't originate from there!

  11. and seti showed and proved that the black man not the white man was a devil when he spend most of his argument showing the infallible character of malachi york (wake up)

  12. Right now sara suten seti is on the tope of the line, he is getting this information out throughout the nation traveling to various states teaching and preaching truth and true righteousness. no one is doing this but him! why because he has something to offer the our people, and that is ancestral truth, which is the foundation of all truth..

    opening the eyes of the blind, the ears of the death and speaking to the dumb, so that they will speak, the language of the Gods. we on long island is working with you seti men and women without comprising, we will work as a nation! universal/throughout the world till we take our place and rulership, it will happen and it will com to pass within all means! Peace and Love and LOVE IS GOD!!!

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