October 25, 2023
Sara suten seti divine law part 1

19 thoughts on “Sara suten seti divine law part 1

  1. Love what u do brother.. I watch every video on a daily to stay focus …they hate on you bekuz the truth hurts , this lil jonny coming live from queens 718

  2. I wanna get down I kno I been down but I'm ready to move towards revolution, they took it by blood why can't i , I got babies out here her nd a lot of women I take care ,especially the ones who take care of me …og if u happen to see this shoot me a message holla at the kid one love peace

  3. Almighty God of The Bible!…Consumes All Things!…Men Wrote Them Books and Said What Happened!….But Almighty God!….Of The Bible!….Told What Really happened!…

  4. Teach my nigga…of course you ain't alone in this…I'm walking beside you brah! You hit some critical point of views that others can't…our people is sleeping like baby's right now oblivion to every God damn thang…they can't see the lies and deception…Real eyes realize real lies…keep bringing et heat my nigga salute…hotep!

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