September 22, 2023


  1. 😆 yall tickle me. Show that true evil of Jesus and them 12 disciples, mo evidence proven of none of them, this is sad.. where is yall bro Cain baby mama? His sister or those supposedly lost book of were Adam and eve got 100 kids. Outta here

  2. So the slaves can't relate to us?? Our ancestors? The people that wasn't sent to be beaten, their children fed to alligators, raped men, and women, created mixed race because of slavery, man yall crazy

  3. Hahaha the dude's argument is Jesus couldn't rise from the dead but he could raise Lazarus.. I wonder what he will think after he reads the rest of the bible.

  4. Ya’ll remind me of my grandparents, sadly they passed away waiting on Jesus eating unhealthy food totally detached from their own history… ya’ll brother be safe out there under this UV index the sun is altering our dna ✌🏾

  5. Most are not fooled anymore…there is no Easter bunny or Santa Claus or tooth fairy…and with a little (not a lot of investigation) earnest re-search most truths will reveal themselves. Times are changing…all in the congregation say "Amen" older than recorded his-story.

  6. Saying a man is not a clear thinker…as a grown man who has not thought for himself or researched beyond their book, written by oppresive men.. but speaking of sources, HA. We must stop using old tales, written by men, as the word of a God and proof of actual human history.

  7. At the 15min mark dude really said something about not reading 📖 then jumps right into a scripture I thought he was bout to drop some jewels. SETI is the greatest of this time!! You read one book he’s read over 3,000 books years ago step y’all scholarship up ram y’all looking bad.

  8. Refute, refute ,refute!!! Y'all make claims, then when you are asked about it. Refute. refute, refute…. This video is TRASH! 4 little dudes talking about a alien came to earth to save everybody. LMMFAO

  9. How many generations need to be sacrificed before people like these guys be exposed as the agent speaking for this Twisted system where it's perfectly clear that we are living filthy to be sick

  10. Sara Suten Seti is more knowledgeable about the false book you guys are still using that was designed to mind f**k black people & you should be ashamed! Nothing in the book can be proven, you work strictly on faith & belief!

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