September 20, 2023
Sara Suten Seti Exposed.wmv

There is no difference between what teaches and the Klan teaches, the Nazis, and the church of Satan. The ancient Hebrews attested by modern linguistics proves that the Hebrews were People, but want to bang on our ancestors every chance he get. WHY?

That’s not the lineage he claiming, he claiming the same lineage of the oppressor. THATS WHY HE USE THEY SIGNALS AND THE CORE OF THEIR DOGMA IS HIS.



31 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti Exposed.wmv

  1. This is some bullshit whomever out this out don't want the hell they are talking about we know where seti is coming from I like how ya'll take clips and try to make points without playing all of the video. get the hell out of here with this bullshit!!!!!

  2. wow – I'm not a fan of Seti but I can definitely say what he's saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. This seems to be more based on a conflicting ideology – yet he's telling the truth – all of it is the creation of our peoples. I simply don't like the yelling in his deliverance which is why I don't listen to him – but he's not saying anything wrong in this video or teaching anything that is not legit.

  3. The people who made this video is stupid. Egyptian (Khemet) religion predates any of the 3 major religions and are in fact Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are a corruption of the original Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The original black man's religion is NOT SATANIC. The white man's freemasonry is a COPY OF THE ORIGINAL RELIGIONS PRACTICED BY EGYPTIANS AND IS NOT OF SATAN YOU IDIOTS. The white man called the black man's religions SATANIC to scare you from your divinity

  4. -sigh-…

    Look at it this way. A baby's hands are born curled, right?

    If we had to shout all day that every man woman and child that had two front fingers down whether he knew it or not was worshiping the devil, we might as well be the equivalent of those kooks in the Westboro Baptist Church when they say everyone is going to Hell.

    The hand signal arguments are getting ridiculous.

  5. The way Seti talks and acts I really don't see who would follow him anyway. Black people keep looking for man to guide them when what we need to do is look to the Heavenly Father the creator of the heavens and earth because most of these so called black leaders are not doing nothing but all talk and no action.

  6. Those you that keep talken about God, Jesus, the Lord gonna come save u through the Bible..u are sadly mis- taken. As long as u continue basching each other we'll never become a free people mentally we'll always stay in mental servitude to the Roman and Islamic conquer's. Don't u see its these two people who made war on you then stole your Ancestial legacy and put there faces in place of your mothers and fathers and raised you as the bastard children for 1668 yrs.

  7. They started on our Ancestor with the invasion of 332 BC Alexander's Time. That's right, brother sara sutan seti may not be the greatest among us but he has sound the trumpet of awakeness. Most on these youtub forums never did anything worth speaking on the block they live on not even the house you live in, what have anyone who speaks Ill against one of our brothers. We are not perfect men ask our black woman and you feelings are hurt then you wanna fight her cause she knows the black mans either help to correct our brother when he is wrong so he can better himself or shut up. You socalled men won't even talk face to face with him to let him know you might not like what he is saying but we got his fuckin cowards ass slave thinking mutha fuckus think some God coming out the sky to save you, you waek minded poor lot. You ain't worth saving, saving for what, jesus didn't need your black good for nothing asses. Why would this God & Jesus need you, you don't look like either of them, why wiuld a God that has oppress you for 1668 yrs save your good for nothing asses. WHY? oh that's right, you'll make good ol'e slaves in heaven..just like here on these slave shores call America.

  8. that's because it is not about white versus black  but what is right from wrong evil versus good and righteous man these ppl are so sick damn deceiving piece of trash

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