September 22, 2023
Sara Suten Seti Invades Fort Worth Texas

WWW.BROTHASHAWT.COM opening up for General at the Dock Bookshop in Fort worth!


23 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti Invades Fort Worth Texas

  1. I RESPECT Brother SETI but this rapping shit is what's wrong with theses young Brothers. Either go to school, work or WORKOUT and get ready for the CHANGE. Rapping really ain't cool, it makes you look feminine. A grown ass BLACK MAN PERFORMING??? BE A PROUD BLACK MAN AND STAND THE FUCK UP. Drop that dumb shit. Rapping and singing ain't got us NOWHERE. (Real Brothers know this)

  2. Those talking about he all talk and haven't built anything, yall are the problem. The people have to be educated first or they will say the same dumb stuff yall are saying. Yall are not ready for the building. Yall have to be reprogrammed in order to contribute. He can't do it himself. Yall spend all yall money with other races with no problem, funding anything they have going on. Why he haven't built anything? Because yall gave all yall money and support to other races.

  3. my momma got mad at my ass for telling her I dnt celebrate Valentine's day.. then my girl gone tell me " I could atleast tell her happy valentines and it's like giving a woman a compliment" wtf! we got in a big ass argument about it I bn told her " I stand on what I believe in you can't get me spit that foul shit when I dnt believe in it.. ever since I ain't loo at her ass the same..

  4. Seti is always on point don't hate learn your history and stop learning the WPs his-story stop looking for God when GOD been in you all along HOTEP and BLACK POWER BANG ON THAT BEASTS

  5. reach me I got this, I'm that, you can call me a Bitch, I'm a old g, I'm from the Chi., call me I'ma get these chi town brother.,fuck them.stop singing let's get them., beast.

  6. Brother Im Going To Honest With You…Your Rap Skills Are 100% Betters Then lil Uzi vert, Trippie Red ,Future, Drake and The Rest of Main Stream Rappers….Bro Keep Workin On Your Talents Because This Is What Are Children Need More Positive Rap But its Skilled.


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