September 22, 2023
SARA SUTEN SETI  Orgins of the KEMETIC mysteries www AFRICANGLORY com pt#1

43 thoughts on “SARA SUTEN SETI Orgins of the KEMETIC mysteries www AFRICANGLORY com pt#1

  1. One day you people are gonna wake up and piece this puzzle together. I feel sorry for you right now because you just don't get it. You people work against your own progress.

  2. You avoid the point YOU brought up Bilal. What about Allah? I You said "why do you think I give a fuck about "Allah"? " I am calling you out on that. Denounce him or proclaim him. Which is it Allah boy?

  3. @veritas4t the oxford history of ancient egypt is a slanted view because out takes egypt out of african context. It is a good reference book but she be examined along side afrikan scholarship. And how the hell is the whole of the black nation on the western hemisphere come from northern muslims from morraco.

  4. seti is one fiiine brotha, yall too focused on the profanity and the instead of the point he is making, what i took from it was dont continue to be blind and get played and we have been getting played for faaaar too long. HOTEP

  5. This is Bro. Reggie please distribute this information: Sara Suten Seti is a affiliate Mason himself. The following people who he claims to be students of are Masons. George G.M. James, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon, the Craft of Amen Ra are all Masons.All of their Low Degrees up to 33rd are Masonic Degrees. I am working on Debating Sara Suten Seti. Good Speech is a requirement of the Mysteries – The commandments are still on the Temple Walls – That don't change. Who game him permission to change.

  6. Words, however they are spilled out of the mouth are expressions of one's emotions, and passion at that present time. The real questions are who told you the words he's using are incorrect? Who told you the words he's using are offensive to all? So you have a dog? I wonder where you get that idea from? Lastly, the question is, is he lying about anything he's saying? Why are the words he's using are more important to you than what he is saying?

  7. This is some of the funniest shit I've ever heard . . .
    This man needs to do stand up comedy instead of lectures . . .
    White man come from wolves . . .
    Then black man come from Gorilla's . . .
    This ain't twilight . . . .


  8. TEACH… And my photo represents when we ruled the EUROPEANS not ANY connection to slavery and the demise of my people or claiming non MOTHERLAND roots…. MY ROOTS come from the motherland!!!

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