September 22, 2023


  1. Dman you are a true nigga in every sense of the word. Posing as Saa Neter!

    Sounds like sombody is scared of "Esau". But thats what I expect from someone who trusts an ol ass book written by Esau

  2. attica! I have a more personal knowledge of the potential genocidal effects of the weapons that are possesed by the govt. however remember the enemy cant live without us. simply as ive seen and as history dictates, the poor always loose! also by design. in order to win we musnt fight for position in rank, because the bullets are on the way. seti is where he belongs, on the front line posting videos n shyt! we have this technology too somewhere. but it must never be exposed! perhaps its inside us

  3. if you think godsboule is a agent then you must say that seti is too. just think about it. seti is just as important as godsboule! they all play thier part. so who cares who is an agent? this only matters if you are subject to someone or thier follower. furthermore the content that godsboule publishes here would be counterproductive to an agent, it has instilled my support for godsboule and seti alike.we fight eachother so much for no cause that when we get a fighter with a cause everybody fails

  4. i disagree! it is essential that all so called leaders posses a objector. seti has already contradicted himself on several occasions. is gods boule wrong for bringing it to light? i think not! when our leaders go un challenged you get leaders like jim jones. i am happy that godsboule points out the contradictions because 1) it proves seti can change FOR the people to support the greater good of the people 2)the only being i follow blindly is in SELF! there is no requirement that i trust any1!

  5. There's always going to be "odds" in a fight….period ! The VC were "outgunned/tech" and they still fought back. So was Fidel and Che going into Cuba at the start. That's what guerilla warfare is all about, picking your battles when the odds are in YOUR FAVOR. Look at Chechnya and Russia. Hell….I wish we could start by having an ECONOMIC REVOLUTION by HAVING AND SUPPORTING OUR OWN ! It's got to start some where.

  6. @ResearchKnowledge123 …I beg to differ w/ you when you say indigenous fighters outnumber the occupying force. That's not always true, because everyone doesn't have it in them to fight. That's why the guerilla fighter(s) is/are in small pockets doing hit and run tactics and taking what they need from successful hits. Listen carefully to what Gene Hackman says about it in the movie Enemy Of The State. Mind you…The Chechens do not have allies, they get what they need from Russian servicemen

  7. @ResearchKnowledge123 ….I agree with about 95% of your comment. The part that I do not is the ending. Sheer will and bravery is all you need, because everything else will fall into place. The will to use good judgement and be resourceful and brave enough to grab odds by the horns, adapt and overcome. 🙂

  8. @ResearchKnowledge123 …Of course one cannot impose their will on an Apache Gunship. That's like bringing a knife to a gun fight or singing we shall over come while taking an a** kicking. But a well placed RPG,Bullet(s) can make an Apache buckle. Remember the one brought down in Iraq when the two pilots where captured and let go. All the VC had was a few rounds, a rifle and will power. Where there's will there's a way. You improvise my friend.
    Good Day

  9. @ResearchKnowledge123 …Yeah pretty much. But I'm definitely for economic and social rev. first. Just like Tulsa/Black Wall Street in the 20s. Then if it comes to alternative measures to maintain then so be it. Time will tell my friend. But most still have a slave mentality and no balls to boss up for either avenue. It's sad and mind boggling at the same time. Notice how some of these so-called brothas will mean mug one another and grab a chop, but act humble around a pig. Fkn punks !

  10. @ResearchKnowledge123 ….I was away for a few days. Thanks for the comments brother. I really enjoy breaking bread on knowledge with what is going on . I look forward to communicating more with you. That's cool we're on the same page, maybe sharing knowledge we'll build a book. 🙂 Take care -1-

  11. @ResearchKnowledge123 Stop smoking that stuff~I don't mean to sound offensive but if you can't see all around you then I am not the one to criticize you! What is civil about my human rights. Up until the 2000 40,000 Brothers and Sisters were killed by the Corporate Police annually.

  12. @cirethgr8 That is actually true about the troops but they have contingency plans. They are deliberately trying to destroy the military so they can have Chinese and Russian troops invade us. The Chinese has been taken over by the illumunist! Funky stuff is going on in Texas where most of our military hardware is and the ports on the West coast which China has most of them!

  13. I rarely comment of stuff on here, but the person whomever put up this video is only attempting to dishearten and discourage the Melanated people. One of the last things said on this video was that our leaders are either dead or in jail, what a horrible, disheartening thing to say, that is a lie! Come on my brothers and sisters, ignore this satan (adversary) and lets liberate ourselves. Peace family!

  14. this is why i don't belive in black hebrew isralites, they always the most cowardly talking about god gonna do this and that. we know what black folks is up against. Is it not interesting how the same bible that tells you to turn the other cheek is the same bible that they give you in jail, and after you got wife raped in front of you or kids killed? Is it not ironic that the holiest city , You do nothing to help but cause fear. no one is advocating war but self defence and our own military

  15. fuck dat only thing we got to do is kill one and take their super shit off their dead dumb body. you dont need awhole lot of money when they fear us from birth

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