September 21, 2023
Sara Suten Seti & Polight Economics, Religion, & Mind Control

19 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti & Polight Economics, Religion, & Mind Control

  1. Wasn't there a serious problem with "Town zones tv" during the last debate? Now why would Sa Neter even mention using that bull-shit website again, after he promised he would never? Why the contradiction? In business, the customer is always right Sa Neter!  Allow good "Economic Sense" to prevail brotha and don't fu*k up an excellent economic potential, with our people!

  2. Mentuhotep Ra You Are absolutely Right my brother But we found out latter that the problem was not with Townzowntv, The Problem was internet. They Did not have internet service in the building. We are at the National Black Theater On This One Family.

  3. This is being made more complicated than what it really is. Thus, more confusion. I agree, they are about "half-way" right. However, to believe that a greater consciousness doesn't exists, is simply foolish. If man needed an "answer", the "question" is, how was "man" able to create the very "reality" he doesn't even know the "answer" to?! Think about that. How could we, "will" our own existence and create an environment (the universe, galaxies, planets, environment, and its laws) that we know little to nothing about and then, further, create our own "limitations" such as "death" and all the things that could lead to it (the need for food, water, sunlight, sleep, and etc.)! So, these "fears" that I mentioned, as Polight calls them, in his beliefs it's insanity to believe in what we call "God" to answer for them, yet, they choose to believe "we" by our "divinity" created ourselves with the "ability" to "fear" in the first place! In laymen's terms, if I had any consent in my own creation, I would NOT create ANY limitations for me and mine, I would CHOOSE my own form, I would create my own LAWS or lack thereof according to my own DICTATES! Basically, I would create things the way I, Adiel, would see fit! Substitute me in that example, for YOU!

    We just live in this world, "we" didn't make it. For it to exists, and the order it and the universal bodies surrounding it runs on, is "proof" of a "Creator", a part I agree with, but, he possesses his OWN will and desires, thus, why you had NO consent on the reality you were born into! Your sons and daughters, were brought forth from your WILL, whether you are known or apart of their life or not! They may have never met you, but that doesn't mean they can deny your existence. Their very existence verifies the proof of yours whether they were ever aware of you or not. This UNIVERSE is proof of YAH whether we know him or not. If that "blackness" of the universe is this collective consciousness we call "God", so be it. I don't believe that, but, I can't be certain for I do not pretend to know the totality of "God". None of us do. That is the LAST frontier! If we have not mastered the simple, how can we define the MOST complicated! In the end, it boils down to this.

    I agree, RELIGION is ONE of the biggest problems, I agree with that. However, there is a HUGE difference between RELIGION vs LAW. The Bible has failed "us", because we allowed "religion" to define it! As an example, "original sin", as Seti used, is RELIGIOUS, not "righteousness"! I agree with him, I do not believe in that. "Religion" is wrong, but "laws" by that whom "created" you, is not, if applied, yield the promised results and when violated, yield the promised punishments. We did violate Yah's laws. We CONTINUE to violate Yah's laws. That IS the "chaos" of going against our "BLACK DIVINITY"!

    This situation our people are in, the slavery and post slavery, are born out of that "chaos" of failing in our divine responsibilities. I agree. In the end, using the Old Testament only, the ONLY way to prove it "wrong", is to apply the "laws", free of "user error", and then see if it fails you, no, us. That is the way to invoke Yah into the struggle, through you, no need for the "spooky" or "mythical". If it works, which it will, it proves Yah's love for us. His existence is proven through the intelligent design of all the creations itself that we know little to nothing about. Man, has never actually "created" anything! We have only "molded, sculpted, and manipulated" the "resources" provided to him that is beyond his knowledge to bring forth of his own accord! In other words, we have only made "pottery", not the "clay", in all OUR creations, thus, proving that a HIGHER, MORE INTELLIGENT, AND INFINITE being exists beyond and not dependent upon our own existence! Until a "man" comes and disproves all that I said and does "create" from the ether and answer the "basic" mysteries BEFORE the more challenging one's, never believe him if he tells you a higher existence doesn't exists. We are of Yah, meaning we are Yah, but he is NOT of us, and can and does exists OUTSIDE of us, just as you can without your children, but your children couldn't, without you…., just amplified. Men whom can't understand this simply "lack" the ability and senses necessary to.

    If I am deaf, does that mean sound doesn't exists or does it mean I lack the ability to "detect" it? If I am blind, does that mean there is no sight? No, it doesn't. Furthermore, if I "lead" people to believe otherwise, the blind leading the blind, means they all fall into the pit, divine wisdom in its simplicity. No, we "can't" see "God" with our eyes, but, you can't see oxygen either! You can't see "cells" or "atoms" with the naked eye either. They are only visible to those EQUIPPED to see it! When it comes to Yah, the very brain I use to assist or oppose him were not of my own design, thus, the hands I use also to carry out "my" will are all the proof I need, not "God", talking or communicating to me, in the same vein as a fellow human, for I have the wisdom to understand I am not EQUIPPED to perceive "his" physical form, if he possesses one! I am to understand he exists derived from my very own existence, for it serves as proof to his intelligent design of me and the creation as a whole!

    I am tired, gotta call it a night, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. Overall, much respect to the brothers Seti and Polight. I agree with 80% of how Seti broke this down myself and really impressed. I just believe the overall issue with his breakdown is to simply label anything pertaining to the Bible as "religion". You simply can't make "user error" (Christianity and other "religions") as a reason to reject the truth of the laws of the Moses. "Religions", redefine "God" and his "laws", to deceive you into the service of whom devised the "deception". The "deception", is derived from a "truthful" source, thus, the need to deceive and retain the power of the original, just twisted! A simple way to find the deception, alternatively, would be to ask do "Christians" and "religions" adhere to the laws and observe the Holy Days or do they oppose them?! If the answer is the latter, then there you go. Furthermore, did or do "you", live by those laws, for a set period of time, and did they "fail" you? Christianity or religion may have, but I guarantee you the laws of Moses, when applied via a righteous individual and society, would redeem us! This is the "answer" to our prayer, we just aren't listening….

    As a personal trainer, my workout plans will work, however, if "you" don't, "it" won't, but the blame falls upon the client, not the "plan"! Most of "us" reject the laws because we (man) didn't "create" it, thus, the "glory" and "credit" would be denied to "us" and given to "God". So, you have to wonder the objective of someone trying to reject the laws of Moses, because this gives them the opportunity to provide you with an "alternative solution", thus, giving them the "glory" and making them "GOD"! "GOD", is simply a figurehead, a position, just like the "president". All praises to Yah, Selah.

    Adiel Katan

  4. Yooo SANETER STUDIOS!!! This is a post coming all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. Your channel is changing the psyche of Melanated people across the world man, real talk. This channel is strengthening the African-American connection like crazy.

    I have put on so many people on the Motherland to watch your content. Nothing but HIGH POWER information, millions of our people out here have no idea of the sciences most of the speakers on your channel touch on. The family in the USA have a much more different outlook on Africa than us Africans!

    Most of my REAL African history and high sciences info has come from this channel and some of the books mentioned in the countless lectures and couch discussions y'all have. Yet I am the one living in Africa hahaha, White Supremacy isn't trying to let Black people get a hold of this knowledge on this side of the planet.

    However I am teaching my people as much as I can courtesy of Sa Neter TV! I can't wait for the Evolution Conference!!! Imam Bashir needs to step down and join the rest of us on the other side taking notes, lmao please send my regards to him. The clash between Dr Muhammed and Enqi is going to be interesting, shots were fired as Dr Muhammed laid down his Primary Causation/GeoMagnetic Chronology claim, that was insightful. However I know the Minister (who is definitely a problem) is going to come with some bombs himself in connection to his Horizontal Gene Transfer argument. 

    I know Polight is going to bring mad heat, he is one of my favorites in terms of assimilating and administrating knowledge back to the people, young cats resonate with that Brother, Head of the Crown.

    But before I digress any further…

    PLEASE CONTINUE BRINGING THIS INFORMATION TO THE WORLD! We need that shit to cultivate our spirits and edify our minds. You have my word, one day I will make a trip on 125th Street (hope that's right) to personally shake your hand King.

    With that said, I NEED to know what is the name of the track you used in the beginning of this video? It had me going crazy.

    Peace Family! Black Power across the Globe!

  5. This is a phenomenal move right here if i could i would buy me a ticket to get over there from out the netherlands. The General Seti bringing the black knowledge with that militant energy and polight got the economics on lock so to see them brothers collaborating instead of knocking each other down is a beautiful thing man imma be on the lookout for that video to pop up online. Black Power Fam.


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