September 28, 2023
Sara Suten Seti & Polight Shots Fired Back At Cha

24 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti & Polight Shots Fired Back At Cha

  1. Brother Taz might preach all day about not being African, but his mannerism sells him out, you can tell even by the way he stoops his head forward, HE IS AFRICAN

  2. tazaryach not know Yisraelite, he a Christian. don't know Yisraelite pray to know medium, only Christians do. and a medium is a dead spirit, point blank period. true Yisraelites, praise YHWH and YHWH only.

  3. Such ignorance lolll they werent our brothers when they had us in slavery with the arabs during the subsaharan slave trade….then they sold us to the europeans….WHERE WAS THE BROTHERHOOD THEN????? DUMMYS YALL GOT THAT ADHD STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!!! theres alot of graven images and hyeroglyphs showing how hebrews dressed….Sarah Gluten Deadbeat hustlin all yaalllllll for a couple of dollars aint doin shiiitttt for the community….

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