September 29, 2023
Sara suten seti real revolution

21 thoughts on “Sara suten seti real revolution

  1. Where are Mex killin blacks at? In L.A.? I ain't heard none of that shit in The Bay….Seti is animated as hell. I'm 🇲🇽'n. Not gonna deny there are racist mex….even against their own race. But cmon on. Not gonna fall for that bs. Don't hate folks like that or turn principles & ideologies just cuz one dude make a video prophecizing something that's happening in one region. Keep digging up "factual history or current" events tho Seti. I'm listening. Peace.

  2. Why that guy has a girl's stocking over his head, what the f***?
    How much malt liquor has he drunk already?
    Doesn't he work at the Dollar General store?
    How can a man with so much white in his bloodstream be so angry at White's?
    I looked up stupid in the dictionary and saw his picture.
    I looked up homosexual in the dictionary and saw his picture.
    I do not dislike this man just because he likes other men so much, but because he is an idiot and does not know what he's talking about. I don't care about the nude pictures of him with all those other men either, I just don't believe what he has to say.

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