June 8, 2023
Sara Suten Seti & Sankofa Give Advice To Reggie On How To Take Down The Moors

20 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti & Sankofa Give Advice To Reggie On How To Take Down The Moors

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  2. The Black community are like babies in the following way. When a baby is hungry, they are spoon fed, whatever the parent gives the baby. Many Black people are hungry for knowledge, but they are not intellectually mature enough to know what to spit out or how to fact find and analyze information for themselves. They are still in the infant stages of being able to correctly discriminated between what information from books is reliable and what is literary garbage.

  3. that nigga said competitive sport. so should i take it that as none of this is about resolution to the issues of the Melanites here in America, but about I'm right and you're wrong? sounds like it to me. and if so, why do WE even entertain it when it has no real purpose for US, but rather, encourages division? im just saying.

  4. Muur's is Winning and These guys know it, They leaving out the other africans who sold other africans on purpose. Also the king leopold soldiers wearing the fez has nothing to do with the moors except they were wearing a fez(I don't think they were moslem either). The difference between the moors and other organizations is that the moors see through all the BS policies white supremacy has us trapped under. Does seti's words undo the work of Dr Ben?

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