September 21, 2023
Sara Suten Seti Taking Heads Pt2.mp4

9 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti Taking Heads Pt2.mp4

  1. @UnityGhost You need to stay in your lane brah specially like how you is a bible preacher you a tetragramaton worshipper huh and you wont to put down ancient Africa and you standing on the white boys square you are the one asleep cuz thats why your life aint going nowhere fast quoting folks who never existed is youe science your a funny dude whats the point of even showing your face if you going to wrapp it up just do a voice over insted of this foolishness U WAKE UP!

  2. I will travel any lane I want and expose lies where ever I find them, and I find them here. He is a liar and a phoney and I spit on you or any of his idols. He is a false prophet and if you don't know the penalty for being a false prophet, you might want to learn. HOTEP you stupid pile of dog crap.

  3. Let us not be hateful, It is us, we know it. It is written in our hearts. But lets not let our anger turn into hate. It is so hard. We have suck it up for a long time and there is so much anger. It really hurts.

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