September 21, 2023


  1. Hotep, Brother seti, EGYPT= coruption of AKHUPTAH, which was a "town" in Kemet where the greeks use to trade. The greeks (inability to say Akhuptah caused the town to known to the greeks as AIGYPTOS. In 146 BCE, greek culture was conquored by romans (beginning "greco-roman era") The latin (roman) form of the corupted word is "AEGYPTUS". Which was then anglicized (english-ized) to the current form "EGYPT". Thought I might clarify your point, my brother. Good information, much needed!

  2. @snowfallzz They already know what's in the chamber. More of what they
    don't want descovered. Ancient Black relics, and proof of advanced black
    civilizations that were here on earth atleast 12000 years before the great
    flood. that helps documents the begining of the know caucasion race.
    Why uncover something that you are gona turn around and try to hide.
    They chose to leave it buried. But rest assured, that every stone will
    be overturned one day!!!

  3. @Veritas4t Whats funny is on your channel all you watch and speak on is Seti so you is either one dumb hating ass nigga or the police I fucking hate you traitors if it were up to me they would find your ass stinking some place three weeks after you was chopped up and left in four separate trash bags your head removed & your nails missing

  4. Hujambo,kaka? Habari gani? My computer is messing up and I think that's the good thing because the real work is in the street. Fuck the jewtube. Action is louder than words. I'm a street scholar. I represent The RBG. I ain't afraid to die because I'm with The RBG. I'm in it to make a name for myself or to impress you, I'm in it because I love all black people. Black power all day everyday! Amani!

  5. yes the Creator has male and female traits. man or woman joined together make all thigns possible.. logic nuturin love of any types etc.. there are more older statues of our ppl joined. nie video.our ppl need to know the truth. only skylabx2000 reply will be read. cant read messages for some reason sometimes youtube hating

  6. You dumb cave broad, your ancestors are from Africa too.Life started in Africa fool, then your ancestors ended up in the caucasus mountains and bitches like you were getting beat upside your head by your men…You were cave men and women…so shut your primitive ass up.

  7. Curious of TWA-ptah. There's and early civilization here in America who had mounds known as Etowah Indian Mounds (9BR1) is a 54-acre (220,000 m2) archaeological site in Bartow County, Georgia south of Cartersville, in the United States. Built and occupied in three phases, from 1000–1550 CE, the prehistoric site is located on the north shore of the Etowah River. Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site is a designated National Historic Landmark, managed by the Georgia Department cont'2)

  8. pt2) managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. It is the most intact Mississippian culture site in the Southeastern United States. They were ancestors of the historic Muskogean language-speaking Muscogee (Creek) people who later emerged in the area.[4] ETOWAH is a Muskogee word derived from ITALWA meaning "TOWN".

    Etowah has three main platform mounds and three lesser mounds. The Temple Mound, Mound A, is 63 feet

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