September 18, 2023
Sara Suten Seti & The Amen Ra Squad On The Build Pt.1

38 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti & The Amen Ra Squad On The Build Pt.1

  1. seti didnt address Saneter original question. He asked Seti about that we come from apes. He explained his believe on that white people dont come from us. Part of what he said about your nature and the cosmos is the same reason why we dont come from apes. We are divine people. we have spirit we have soul. our soul is connected to the universe. thats why we move the way we move. If anything we have devolved on a conscious level. we were more intune with nature and the universe. There is no way the ancients could build pyramids that are the exact center of earth, stand the test time and are aligned with the orion belt. No way I will ever accept our ancestors came from apes. As the elder Shabazz said tricknology. There arent enough books or science done to explain where we come from. We are a divine people. We come from the cosmos. My common senses tells me that. Thats why I can dig what some of the young God Pharoah was talking about. Know Thy Self. I think we are a far greater people than what we know but we lost ourselves and we arent going find our complete selfs in books written by man and limited science.

  2. show me one species changing to another i want to see thay all these metamorphosis don't make evolution. the theory still had to provide evidence of specue to specie change dog to cat fish to weasel snake to bird evidence where is the evidence. Evolutionary theory according to darwin says these things must be found in the fossil record for the hypothesis to hold true to date there are none. not one. And Java man aka homo erectus is a hoax.

  3. Finally someone brings up FAMILY!!!!!
    im interested in hearing wat else the handsome brutha on the end of the video has to say about family. please upload part 2 Santer

  4. Also its good to see the unity between SETI and the A R SQUADIts Time for SA NETER, SETI AND POLIGHT TO START BUILDING WHILE THE FLAMES STILL BURNING BLUE.


  6. Good build, I'd like too add that Black women, especially dark Black woman, and dark indian (the Contient) woman, will suffer lower serotonin levels, with out a good dose of the Sun. At least 15 minutes a day.

  7. Africans- check out Context of White Supremacy (C.O.W.S) he is deeeeep!  he interviews our people as well as white people including white racist – Gus Renegade- will confront this people- he interview this white author  (you tube) mummies, vampires and cannibals a book he wrote explaining European history and how they drink blood, eat people… this was and still is their culture-  so Seti and others are correct- this is why according to the author and Gus that is why there are vampire movie, the walking dead- and why black are being found with their organs  removed-  check out C.O.W.S

  8. at 1039 he says He would never call Asians are Africans because they came what they became in Asia!!!!! well Iam a Black man in America never been 2 Africa a day in my Life. So i became what i Became in AMERICA sounds like A contradiction 2 me Honestly this Ammen Ra squad try 2 Sound intelligent but be saying a bunch of Stuff that dont make no Sense everything they say is a Contridiction the God. Seti on point

  9. قُ‍‍لْ هَلْ ‌أُنَبِّئُكُمْ بِشَرّ‌ٍ‌ مِ‍‌‍نْ ‌ذَلِكَ مَثُوبَةً عِ‍‌‍نْ‍‍دَ‌ ‌اللَّ‍‍هِ ۚ مَ‍‌‍نْ لَعَنَهُ ‌اللَّ‍‍هُ ‌وَ‍‍غَ‍‍‍ضِ‍‍بَ عَلَ‍‍يْ‍‍هِ ‌وَجَعَلَ مِ‍‌‍نْ‍‍هُمُ ‌الْ‍‍قِ‍‍رَ‌دَةَ ‌وَ‌الْ‍‍خَ‍‍نَا‌ز‍ِ‍ي‍‍رَ‌ ‌وَعَبَدَ‌ ‌ال‍‍‍طَّ‍‍اغُ‍‍‍وتَ ۚ ‌أ‍ُ‍‌وْل‍‍َ‍ائِكَ شَرّ‌ٌ‌ مَكَانا‌ ً‌ ‌وَ‌أَ‍ضَ‍‍لُّ عَ‍‌‍نْ سَو‍َ‍‌ا‌ءِ‌ ‌ال‍‍سَّبِيلِ005.060 Say: "Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah. those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil;- these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!"

  10. If the climate made Asians turn to white people, why didn't Eskimos in Alaska turn to white people? The white gene only been here 6500 yrs. So when all this evolution take place? Why the Coelacanth fish haven't evolved in 100 of millions of yrs?

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