September 22, 2023
Sara Suten Seti -The God Deception

37 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti -The God Deception

  1. My man,
    Sara Suten Seti…
    Pound for Pound,
    The Pan-African SuperChamp.The real deal Holyfield..pound for pound,niggas.
    Pound for Pound!

  2. I can't agree with everything this Sara bloke is saying unlike the Hebrews he brings evidence that can be checked and proved or disproved which so far the Hebrews and Muslims etc rely on books with no outside sources at the period they describe to back their assertions.

  3. I watch this video often, Seti speaks nothing but facts. That God concept he talked about is right on. Since I was a young girl, I’ve always questioned this God.

  4. WE arrived here on the Ark (Mothership/Moon/Wakanda) after OUR old home-world Venus got too close to the Sun.
    Which is why WE brought such melanin saturated bodies with US here.
    Venus is where OUR body core temperature stabilized at 98.6F.

    WE are now Latter Day Maurs. True Maurmen. The NEPHOENIXIANS.
    Shipwrecked descendants of the original Phoenician Eastern (Stars) Giants. Moorchant Moorines = Phoenician Mariners.

    WE ruled the Mediterranean Great Lakes, which flooded to become the Mauri Sea. Todays Mediterranean Diet is OUR/YOUR Maurish diet.
    WE are descendants of the Axumite (Kushite) Guild of Giant Megalithic Stone Masters. Moorlin the Magician built Stonehenge???

    WE were the Ancient (=black) Amoorican Giant Mound Builders. Now non-polygamous, non-reproducing Basketball clowns? What you gonna teach in yo schools LeBron, French???

    If Mormons are Latter Day Saints (based on Maurish Phoenician Tablets stolen from Black Giants burial Mounds), then who were the ANCIENT (of) DAYS SAINTS???
    Why is Roman, Greek, and Israeli history glorified in the West? By design, to hide what?

    Are the present Thrones of England, Rome and Arabia in cahoots to keep US Maurs deceived? All them are invested in Israel.

    Did not Elizabeth and Phillip BOW in the House of Selassie to the Makeda (Queen) and King of Kings in Ethiopia???

    All the scriptural enemies of the Latter Day Romans (who are really the bad guys) were US, the Black Phoenicians (good guys). Yes, it's all deliberately twisted.
    The Jew & Jesuit (JEWSUIT) Neandertalbinos have a secret pact to harvest our beauty, health, wealth, longevity and peace.

    They deceived US with their fake translations, chronologies, and most especially that King James VERSION.
    Truth mixed with falsehood while under the duress of captivity/confinement. That's how WE got their scripture.
    To get a dog to take its medicine, wrap it in ground meat. WE swallowed before WE chewed (analyzed).
    Study the WISDOM in scripture, NOT THE FORGED BLOODLINES!!! The so-called holy books are all twisted with lying genealogy.

    What happened to all OUR Ancient Black Giant Goddesses/Oracles/Empresses/Queens/ Prophetesses/Angels/Sirens,etc…that were in OUR Phoenician Cartha-Guinean/Cartha-Ghanaian scriptures???????????

    Why they so quiet about Hypatia and Zenubia???

    Re-read Joel A. Rogers "Worlds Great Men Of Color" (women in there too). Hannibal, Aesop, Luqman, Zenobia all Phoenician.
    Re-read 1001 Phoenician (not Arabian) Nights. Read that! Arabs had no great literature.
    All of that's transcribed from Phoenician writings!!! Aethiops (Aesop, Luqman) Fables (from Phoenician).
    The Quran is a twisted Syrian Phoenician scripture. Study the logic and wisdom of it (morally uplifting), not its silly genealogies!
    Ad (Adlantis) and Thamud (Lamooria) were real places/peoples! The meteor shower calamities and elephant wars were real.

    Could David have been the real evil (Hobbit) enemy, and the Phoenician Giant King Goliath (Sauron) the Good Guy? The grasshopper/invader/thief Joshua and his patrol was probably crushed in the desert by the Phoenician Klan of Goliath. That story as presently told is untrue and therefore no longer believable.
    The fictional Giant Dark Lord Sauron was really the Mystorical Good Guy trying to eliminate a nuisance Hobbit Neandertalbino cave monkey (Hanuman, look it up) infestation in Middle Earth (Shebazz).
    Re-watch "Lord of The Rings" as a Neandertalbino propaganda piece. The Hobbits are dressed up Hanumen cave monkeys.
    Re-watch "Congo", the white gorillas in the movie were ENGINEERED to serve in the mines for US.
    The Eye of Solomon/Soul-man/Sun-Man in the movie was really the All Seeing Eye of Man/God Giant Osiris.

    Messydonian/Greek fags were like the special-needs (retards) students of the Giant Ethiopian Kushite Mauri Gymnosophists of the Kemetic Phoenician Empire.

    Ancient Day Rome-men lost their melanin and became the ETERNAL ENEMIES of the then still TRUE-To-BLOOD (melanin) Maurs (Somalia?) when they took Neandertalbino cave monkey whores as wives/concubines. The Moors of S-pain fell and became the ENEMIES of the SONGHAITI EMPIRE for the same reason. Now North Africa is a Neanderthalbino dominant, Contaminati enclave.

    Take a look at the white immigration & skin lightening of Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Madagascar and the Caribbean!?!?!?!
    Re-read Haki Madhubuti's 'Enemies: The Clash Of Races".

    Syria & Iran (Persians) are a threat because they have Ancient (=black) scripture, scrolls, artifacts, etc..that exposes the fraud of the Western Pseudo-academia.

    Neandertalbino pseudo-armies (ISIS/Blackwater/Mossad) have made it a priority this decade to get (buy/steal) as many hidden Phoenician scrolls/scripts from the private collections of the Royal Families of Timbuktu, Mali as they can??? They can't steal from the Dogon because they are Griots.

    They robbed the museums of Iraq and Libya completely to check any contradictory revelations thereby maintaining their too-longstanding academic delusionary history.
    STUDY your Ancient MAPS!!!!


    Where are those hidden private art collections holding MY peoples legacies???

    Why didn't they burn the Moorish Libraries in Spain like they did in Alexandria and Carthage???

    Brothers & Sisters, how are you gonna go from Negro to Moorish to Kemetic history and skip over the Phoenicians?

    Silly Rabbits some of US are.

    Much Love for MY Songhaitian Sister NAOMI OSAKA, and for her for receiving the throne of Serena with such nobility and grace.

    Osaka is where the Mauri Shoguns and Samoorai have Temples,Tombs and Shrines in their Honor. I've been there.

    The Nippon-jin (Japanese) studied Hannibal's tactics and the Songhaytian strategic defeat of Neandertalbino armies before they engaged them in the so-called second world war. They were eventually put in western concentration camps for soliciting support from the negro and native populations which started 5 years prior to engagement.

    Thank you Serena for not surrendering supremacy to your/our true adversaries. I know you did what you did on purpose.
    I love you girl, but you gonna suffer for diluting your pure bloodline with another Contaminati. You broke an Ancient Code.
    Y'all didn't learn anything from Tiger???

    Know this. You can't fool a NEPHOENIXIAN MAURMAN (Latter Day Moor).

  5. Black people are all over the world, in India, the Phillipines black people are called negritos, in Asia, in the Middle East, in Latin America, all over but they don't want us knowing that and that we have a rich spiritual culture.

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