September 20, 2023
Sara Suten Seti - The True Supreme Mathamatics!!!

21 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti – The True Supreme Mathamatics!!!

  1. Sara Suten Seti  is the man!   he knows just as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Malcom X,  Louis Farrakhan and many others' have tried to direct tne Negro!   that their natural religion was Kemetian ''  not Christianity  or Arabian !!!!! 

  2. When trying to pass a message to someone the delivery is most important. Much like throwing a ball to catch to someone. You throw it messed up it gets caught wrong..!

  3. I can only laugh at the rubbish from this video, seriously, listen to the person giving the "talk". He is teaching things that he has no clue about. Try reading the Word of God and Historical books that are linked to the Word, you will find out the TRUTH about Pyramids, their alignments etc. Blacks did not do this, it was built by a race of being you haven't even mentioned once in the presentation. The presenter sounds like an initiate of fm, still in the dark, he also sounds as racist as they come, major issues all around. Get educated people, don't follow a blind sheep to the slaughter. Get the Truth.

  4. This is how you can prove they are not the Egyptians look how they did Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee and the Egyptians did the same thing. Nothing new under the sun. Rise up sun people.

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