September 22, 2023
Sara Suten Seti vs Ankh vs Dr. Ben (Throwback)

This is just pure comedy. I forgot who made this video, but i downloaded it from fbook.


15 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti vs Ankh vs Dr. Ben (Throwback)

  1. I just saw that ignorance on Pseudo Killas. This man came on the chat and said lets ONLY discuss the topic and nobody challenging his points and Ankh deflected and got ignorant as usual! You can come in peace and a n*gga will still get ignorant along with his moderator.

    I asked Ankh a question about DNA of Cheddar Man a year ago and because I respected his knowledge on DNA I thought I would get a honest answer. Dude dismissed my question by saying it proved him right. Huh? What kind of response is that???

  2. Will Anhk and them Eygptomaniacs ever take the d.n.a evidence seris about Eygptian mummies?. All evidence shows that ancient Eygptian mummies had less subsaharen d.n.a then even modern Eygptians. What more facts do these guys need.Damn!!.. LoL. Its like they are purposely being ignorant to the data. Even ancient Eygptians themselves from writings and glyphs and poems and stories made it clear that they hated and despised the "black skin" people in Africa. Heck even the royalty wore sandals with depictions of blacks on the bottom of them showing them crushing their mortal enemies "blacks"… LoL. Does anhk and them choose not to interrupt this data?

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