September 20, 2023
Sara Suten Seti vs  Nasi Yashuv El Pt 1

24 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti vs Nasi Yashuv El Pt 1

  1. One thing about white people, they know how to do a presentation. They have working powerpoint presentations. They don't need to hold a mic up to a speaker for sound. Get it together guys.

  2. Oprah is a BITCH… #all2k20 How does the Hebrew brother feel about her being on that good ass tether… Child sex trafficking etc… Everything she's connected to…? Just curious…

    Also, Seti do you have something in Detroit that you do regularly like lectures in person.? #SaraSutenSeti
    Detroit really needs that kind of school…

  3. " Conquered is Askelon, captured is Gezer. Yanoam tears are finished. Existing is iisiiriar the people, devastated with no seeds ( famine ) is Kharu ( hitties )( turkey and other semetic peoples).

    Asiatics and semetics are enemies of Kemet from the beginning to the end.

    So stop the cap.

  4. Nasi obviously spoke from a more factual standpoint which taught the listeners. The other guy was filled with emotion, energy, ego, and true religion jeans which are probably created by someone outside his culture… I do not see how knowing all that info can unify the "black man" and rebuild our Nation…There SEEMED to be no riotousness in him…Great debate Nasi

  5. Man seti vybz got more credibility than the other brother the other brother just need to come to terms with Seti cuz he is just mad that seti might influence his or their Israelite organization

  6. Nasi clearly won this debate.

    The Hotep atheists are just using Nasi’s β€œlack” of references as an excuse to cover up the fact that Seti was an emotional loser who got exposed as a drug dealer poisoning his own community.

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