September 22, 2023
Sara Suten Seti VS Zion Lexx | Debate Discussion

44 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti VS Zion Lexx | Debate Discussion

  1. Both of these dudes are a joke, SMH. I used to like Seti but he ain't carrying nobody across the battlefield like a real General would. Zion Lexx seemed like a genuine dude, but he fucking with that pale jew and that's a big no no. Infiltration as usual, dam.

  2. It 's real simple, whether it's white vs. black or Hebrew vs. KMT in the grand scheme of things, it comes down to knowledge of history and by history I am referring to ancient and modern history, knowledge is key all the speculation needs to be excluded and hard facts be the main frame, how can you bring fiction to reality and expect it to hold water? That can only work on weak and inferior minds that lack knowledge and accurate information. People I cannot express more how important it is for us to know, do your own research, don't just regurgitate what you've heard without proper information and perspective.

  3. Man when are we going to get tired of this dumb azz debates? Nobody is being employed from these debates. We as a people waste so much time on BS! No other group of people does this. Then they charge the poor and indigent money for this garbage! Money that is NOT recirculated back into the community or to employ the unemployed

  4. This a cheap publicity stunt. I'm not diggin this uk accent either.
    Hebrew Israelites will always hold it down. Zion Lexx wasn't prepared in the beginning
    But you should know what's coming next. Can't wait for the real debate
    Big ups to Sa Neter Tv for owning up to being biased in the past
    We need this debate on a neutral ground
    Wish I could be Zion Lexx's co defendant.

  5. Kalem I'm Irish in Luton I know all the Muslims and blacks thy are up for a debate if you want to come to my house what do ya reckon or I can meet u in Hyde park first hotep Salam slainte irie

  6. If one studies the curse of Ham you realize the curse did not apply to Ham but to one of his sons. So it should be the curse of Canaan. It got applied to Ham because we backtrack through history to apply darker skin to Ham. The curse does not mention anything about blackness or dark skin being a curse since Noah and his children were people of color maybe not as dark as Ham. Ham had 4 sons Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan – Cush (Aetheopia) Phut(Berbers/Ancient Libya) Mizraim(Egypt) and Canaan. Nothing about the Bible is anti-black. It is anti sin

  7. man i came on here to listen to zion and seti…. not you talking bro.. your icon pick of this clip is misleading… it shows zion and seti on the pick not you… but all good… keep doing you bro..

  8. Never will he ever be ran out of our community. Zion Lexx that is. Ach understand what he know unlike those in the kemetic community and our YAHSHRA'ALITE ACHS. TRUTH HURTS AND DESTROY ALL THATS NOT FOR IT.

  9. One of the questions raised: Is the Bible, the Torah Anti-African? The short answer is yes because it was written by white supremacist who have hijacked and waged psychological and physical warfare on melanated people on the continent and around the world.

    Quoting text written by white people as Holy and claiming scholarship to defend its doctrine is suspicious at the very least. But there is so much more happening.

    The bigger issue is even engaging in any kind of dialogue with anyone who believes in the current accepted notion of both a monotheistic and polytheistic God(s). Both are a man made phenomenon. Not the other way around. Talking to a person who believes in imagery things is difficult and least, near impossible at best.

  10. we don't need no debates, all we need is unity with the knowledge, black VS black is bull shit, where is the consciousness to put the fragments and puzzle together, and Jesus IS NOT APART OF BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS, ONLY UNITY PEACE AND LOVE FOR HISTORY

  11. I have never seen seti loose a debate…y? b/c most of these cats never been out of their hoods. when you have traveled the world and done comparative studies u can't fault a man for having no love for someone who would fight for a lie when all u have to do is get on a plane and see for yourself.

  12. The only way we as black people can fight ( Legally not physically) against racism, police brutality and any other bias situations against us as a people is to have every : Kemetic , Hebrew , Muslim, Pan Afrikaan, Moor believer form a united organization ( With all of these beliefs) and work TOGETHER as ONE UNIT. Bouncing ideas around the room and working to solve problems economically and socially ..Put your beliefs to the side ( Your egos) momentarily and come up with ideas to save our people from dying. If we can't do that we will never win and the enemy will always triump… SHOLOM.

  13. I the funny thing about the original debate was that everything there were talking about is the reason we all ended up in slavery…. "Saten" divided & conquer & Good old Lack of Knowledge…

  14. Hebrews are soft he never did answer 1 question seti asked.Seti did it without any emotion lex don't have answers only knows wut he has been taught. Seti Tko win over lex on gods

  15. I recall a lecture of seti,s and he pointed out how Moors with fezzes on held inslave different parts of the mother land in the name of Islam I think he should bring it up again with black s helping Jews and cleaning them as brothers instead of a United black nation

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