September 22, 2023
Sara Suten Seti vs Zion Lexx REVISITED with Master Commentary

30 thoughts on “Sara Suten Seti vs Zion Lexx REVISITED with Master Commentary

  1. Sa Fake have always helped kemet folks jump the Hebrews, that's why I never liked that clown he definitely is fake,I'm going to end my addressing this I have nothing respectful to say because Sa Nothing has only raped the community, point blank!!!!uhh I will say this I Loved Your Bravery Zion you would fall into the devil's den all by yourself 🤣 presenting what men who are made of steal do,that's why after it was over and fake Ti,Seti, thought he was going to sale a threat 🤣🤣🤣he was sadly mistaken Zion wasn't buying Peace🤣🤣

  2. Zion been the truth and the one man Polight was scared the most of, that's why he went through so many lengths to try and block and discredit. Zion is just as intelligent and sharp as Polight and he knows that. Love you brother keep sharp and blessed.

  3. Brother Zion this was all I was saying about going at polite as hard as you do…brother we need this type of information and videos from you my brother. And yeah we know polite situation is a hot topic but his info is not necessarily needed yet and when it's time then you bomb on his as ya dig. Not coming at you just giving a lil insight on things brother. And if you already have a plan copy just know we would like more of this type of info this is what moves us forward ya dig.

  4. Im a Scorpio as well (Nov 6th). That being said, PLEASE! Do not attempt to get in my face, especially when I am being humble, respectful, and courteous. You are about to see a MONSTER..and I keep that same energy until something gives…and it wont be me! Peace fam!!!

  5. 💥Great debate I just wish shit ain't turn into a ego trip.this tha very reason we in tha fucked up position today no unification n respect. We always fightin shit iz low frequency. The original Hebrews are nubian kemites we tha same.EGYPT is tha mother n father of all religions n it preserves tha essence of tha holy spirt creator at tha root. all teaching have currently been perverted by colonizers 💯💪🏾

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